From the Inside

Today is expected to be not only warm but hot. I noticed an extreme heat notification come up on my phone. I looked at the forecast for days to come and it seems it’s going to stay this way for a while. It didn’t take long for the heat to come in this year.

In the past, the average days above 90 F. each Summer month is about 8 days. Well, in the first half of June, if the forecast is correct, this will be beat easily. That early average has gone out the window since about 2015 where most Summer months are in the 90s most of the time. This week we will already be approaching 100 degrees.

I remember back when I was young and it seems it wasn’t this hot. We were able to play outside all day long. Of course, we didn’t have video games and other indoor activities then. Most of our activities were outside.

Sure, I was tan but I don’t remember even getting terribly sunburned. This started happening around the turn of the century, when the sun seemed to get much hotter. There were hot days when I didn’t want to go outside but they seemed much fewer in numbers because I would go crazy not being able to go outside.

It was a chore for my mother to get me to come in for dinner, where I would woof down the food, and even fill my pockets with some food, just so I could go back outside and play.

Now you just don’t want to go outside much because it’s so hot in the Summer. I don’t even remember as many wildfires. Of course, I was pretty much out of the loop for news back then so who knows what was happening out in the greater world. I’m sure this year there will be many wildfires burning.

It’s much like I’ve said before, that I grew up at the very end of the old age, where things were still sort of balanced in a way. It wasn’t a time of great extremes, though there were some. The society was in near full control, dowsing out fires of rebellion rather easily and with public support. As a child, especially a white child, this made life here pretty mellow in that way, though my family life was pretty chaotic, thus another reason why I liked to play outside all day, away from them.

But it is interesting today with things like Pride Month happening this month. It’s definitely Pride Month where I work, where they have hung up the different Pride flags and put up little rainbow flags on the tables of the break room.

This company is very Pride friendly, and it shows with the variety of employees there. They express themselves freely in many different ways. Even when it’s not Pride Month there are things out saying that we should use the right pronoun when speaking with others.

This is interesting to me. There are several transgender people there and as long as they look like the gender they choose I call them by that pronoun. It’s only natural for me. I see breasts and a face with make up on it and I see a she, even if I know that she is trans. I automatically say she when talking about her.

They have the new Progressive Flag out to celebrate those of color who are queer or transgender. At least that’s what I understand. Including them into the whole array of colors on the flag.

I was thinking of how this whole movement does more than just bring about acceptance for them, only tolerance by some people, for these many categories of people, but it does help bring about greater acceptance, and merely tolerance for some people, for other differences. It seems to help ease the firm grip on “normalcy” as it once was.

Such as what I described about being a white child. Yes, I had my privilege in life. I really didn’t notice all the other things happening in the world to others who were different from me. Back then, this city was primarily white. When I did see a black person it was sort of a shock in a way. Not so much a shock but I wasn’t used to seeing them.

Now there are many black people here, even in this apartment complex. It’s nice to see simply because they don’t necessarily lower the way of life here. Yet, I can say that when people come here from other cities and states from around the countries, ones with many problems, their problems come with them, so it has changed greatly in that way, with crime, shootings and other things starting to equal that of other larger cities.

Where it was sort of a community before, now people look at others with skepticism. It is easy to discern a person who was raised here and those who have moved here from other cities. I’ve often heard that people from other large cities are rather cold and rude, where people here, at least at one time, were very friendly and open with each other. At least to a point. There was a time when outsiders weren’t openly accepted here. Thus you see the fragile balance between acceptance of others and bias toward a certain type of people. They certainly didn’t like differences here in the past.

I got away with much of what I did simply because I was white. If I had been black or Hispanic I would have probably been put into jail very early in life. As it is, I have only spent one night in jail, which was enough for me, and that was simply because I had a bit too much to drink.

So Pride Month, especially here, is something that celebrates not only their community but people of all types. All differences. Of color and other differences from the whites, being gay is one of the lowest in the Christian world. Their being able to accept this, which still isn’t fully accepted by everyone, maybe more tolerated and others simply won’t do either, opens the minds of people up to many other differences in people.

I’m not sure this is going to solve the problems when it comes to differences because their is always a seemingly silent group of people who stay behind doors, trying as hard as they can to make their own environment as “normal” to their standards as possible. Unwilling to accept change of this sort and eventually they might blow their top. We saw a lot of this during the Trump presidency. They are still out there and seeking to convert more people to their cause.

I find it interesting how quickly everything changed here in the US since Biden took office. I’m really not in the loop much anymore but I can see that the great virus that had taken over our lives is seemingly coming to an end here in the US. Yet, during the Trump presidency, it was nothing more than chaos. It’s only been 6 months since Biden came in and all of those who want to be vaccinated have been vaccinated. The masks can come off for those who are vaccinated and life seems to be resembling a sense of normal again.

Of course I’m sure there is a lot of skepticism about this with many people. Especially those of the conservative party who don’t want such things to happen because it will give credit to the other side, who they disdain. Trump failed miserably and Biden succeeded. Oh, blasphemy in their minds.

It is interesting to think that there is such division where people will go to great lengths to prevent things from happening, even if they are good things for everyone, just because it will give credit to the other side.

It does seem very petty and very much childlike in a sense where they can’t seem to see beyond differences but want everything to be as they perceive it should be. Mostly, they aren’t willing to give credit to those they have deemed as being their enemies. It’s fascinating that they might see their fellow citizens as enemies.

This is why I don’t necessarily see the Pride movement as solving problems overall but it does bring a breath of fresh air for those who are different from the former status quo. It’s so wonderful to see how excited so many of them are, with smiles on their faces, as they celebrate their differences this month.

But the fact is, celebrating their differences does cause others to feel left out. As I’ve often said, when one person experiences a sense of individual freedom, another becomes a slave. It is the same in all conditions of physical freedom. Someone will always be left out.

I also find it interesting how they like to categorize themselves, which is also sort of a tribalism. LGBTQ standing for a variety of categories, that extends out even further than those terms, which brings them together as one yet excludes other people. It does give them a feeling of togetherness and acceptance, a place to feel supported. Much like one would feel when they are among like minded people.

It all comes down to that very fact. People seem to seek safety in likeness, not differences. Where, in celebrating their differences, they too become more isolated in their tribe than openly accepted by all. Isolate others and they become bitter. They will stew about it for a while, seek support from like minded people and then, when they feel they have enough numbers, lash out at those who caused them to feel isolated.

It’s such an interesting process of people trying to hard to fit in, where they seek to find safe haven to fit in within their own tribe, while isolating others from their tribe.

I picked up one of the free tee shirts they are giving away at work, with a rainbow on it. I was thinking about what it would be like to wear it. I would like to wear it simply to show my support for them, yet I’m showing support for one group of people and neglecting other people. In a way, I would be making “friends” while gathering “enemies.” I would be showing support for one side and neglecting the other.

I guess this is where a flag should stand for all people. One would like to believe that of the US flag, but it has become a symbol of patriotism to the old “normal.” The one I described early in describing my youth. When all differences were contained in certain places where those who aren’t “different” could roam about freely.

It was relatively crime free and safe to go out and do as you please, as long as you were white.

This is what those people see as the problem with differences. They believe that differences equal corruption. Corruption of their way of life. If black people move into their neighborhoods then crime will follow. Sadly, I am watching this happen here in this city.

Yet, is it because of the black people are the state the black people are in in relation to the society? They have less and therefore they have to do other things to gain the things they need. If they were truly equal within the society then I’m sure that less of them would turn to crime in order to gain what they need to feel like they are equal in the society.

Feeling equal in the society isn’t just about having enough food and a place to live. It’s about having nice things and feeling a sense of status. They do this in their own way, and crime is often used to obtain these things because they don’t have other options, though white people say that they do have these options but are too lazy to use them.

It’s easy to see that the society is in decay and falling ever more into decay every day. So it really doesn’t matter if these people of differences find safety with each other will neglecting other people, even though that’s not their direct intent. They simply want to feel safe and to be able to live a life freely as themselves which, of course, takes away freedom from other people. Because physical freedom is subjective. It’s not something that all people can have at one time because there are so many different perspectives.

It’s such an interesting dilemma for something that seems so straight forward. People in the US are taught they can obtain whatever it is that they want. What most people want is freedom. Ultimately, they want freedom from the oppression of the life that is imposed upon them in general. Freedom from the society and it’s demands as a whole.

Yet, ironically, they use the tools of the society in order to obtain some sense of freedom, thus enslaving themselves to the society. It is so funny. I can’t help but laugh at the whole thing. The great cosmic joke, that is what humanity has become. A species of many ironies that keep growing in number each and every day as people seek out their own individuality, seemingly forgetting that they are one species. One organism.

Most of all they forget that they are merely one of trillions upon trillions of other species in the universe. Interestingly, it is this arrogance based on their ignorance of their own selves, that causes all of these strange ironies and anomalies to occur within their existence here on Earth. All coming from desires within them that they can’t seem to resolve, simply because they seek to resolve them on the outside, rather than the inside.