A Matter of Perspective

It’s a nice sunny day so far. It did get a bit warm yesterday and I’m sure it will happen again today later.

I woke up very early, as has been the case for a few weeks now. It seems I don’t need 8 hours but only about 5 or 6 hours. I still go to bed at the same time each night.

This allows me to start my day at the beginning of the day at the French Open. It’s been enjoyable so far. Very enjoyable being able to watch the matches without commercials. And to be able to watch them on demand. I can even fast forward through matches that I don’t necessarily want to watch in their entirety but see it more in highlights to see how it turned out. Such as Serena William’s matches.

I’ve had many simple realizations lately. Such as how I might receive a certain perception of something. An example is how Eckart Tolle constantly talks about learning to not think. Then I consider what Alan Watts says about thinking, that you can’t control your thoughts, that your thoughts are you.

For me, I’ve found that simply letting go is much more powerful for me than controlling thoughts. This actually causes thoughts to find other pathways to enjoy, rather than focusing on specific things.

Letting go is another teaching of my heart which has many benefits in many areas of life, just like her other instructions to me. Simple things that fit most every seemingly complex situation.

Maybe it fits in with what Alan Watts says about not taking life seriously. This too is not something my mind completely embraces, again revealing that some things have to fit in a certain way for each person. Letting go is simply not attaching to things, as my Asperger’s can do because of it’s ability for hyper focusing on things.

My Asperger’s doesn’t necessarily need something to hyper focus on. It simply needs things to focus on, if only for a few minutes. I find myself getting lost in a tennis match, or a movie, allowing it to focus into it. This too isn’t possible for me if I’m not letting go of other things.

It was difficult today as I tried to watch the Asheigh Barty match because the satellite feed wasn’t very good, causing the image to constantly go out throughout the match.

I can do this at work also. Which is different than what I used to do before. It’s more touchy at work because I can get hyper focused on things which then causes me to become more agitated and I can feel the stress come up which leads to over stimulation. As long as I take it task by task and let go of other things outside of the task then I’m okay.

Such as doing a task and not allowing myself to see other things that need to be fixed outside of the task, which can cause my mind to either start prioritizing them into things I need to do, which causes the list to become long and at times overwhelming.

Just focus on the task and then start the next task. Not seeking anything from the task but to simply complete it then move on from it.

Another thing I’m learning is something my heart taught to me about allowing routines to form themselves naturally, rather than trying to regulate and control them into form. Such as making lists and times things need to be done. A routine doesn’t require doing things at the same time in the same way. It is more a process of feeling the completion of the routine each day.

This allows flexibility and also prevents hyper focus and attachment to the completion. If it isn’t completed then it doesn’t matter. All that matters is the routine, which doesn’t really need to be completed because there isn’t any one task that will complete it.

Letting things be and not judging them or expecting them to be something else. Releasing images of completion that I might desire to attain but simply filling in the actions that keep things in motion. Such as picking up after myself. If I didn’t then things would be all over the place. Yet, if I don’t pick something up at a particular time, I don’t need to pass by it cringing that it needs to be done, thus weighing on my mind.

I simply pick it up when the time comes. The routine in general being based on the moment and doing things when the time comes.

Of course, this goes against everything I was taught within the society, where everything needs to be neat and tidy at all times and life is expected to be perfect and dust free.

It’s sort of how I used to view my apartment, which I’ve lived within a long time. It’s not so much dirty but things are somewhat worn. This used to bother me very much. Yet none of it is bad in any case. It’s just not new. This is one of the teachings of society that everything needs to be new and in perfect condition. It really doesn’t.

As long as things continue to work safely then they are fine. Much like how most of the things I own are. They are relatively old but they continue to work so I continue to use them, unlike those who have to have a new phone, computer and other things simply to have the most up to date things within them.

When it comes to perspective in general, I have found this to be both a natural process as well as an artificial or forced and controlled process. The natural process seems to form a natural perspective fit for each individual person, which would be the small aspect of the universe that each being of life expresses.

For most humans, they like to impose their perspective on others, thus causing them to be more like another person than themselves. It’s true that one can’t go out in the world to find themselves because they are always within them.

I think people go out to find themselves simply because they have lost themselves in the perspectives of others. If others, such as parents and other people in youth, didn’t impose their perspective on their children then the children would be able to naturally form their own perspective expression of the universe.

Parents should keep them from harm. Also, learning things from others isn’t necessarily altering one’s perspective. Such as seeing a person burn themselves or being told by another person that something is hot is not perspective altering but simply something that would benefit a person in not doing.

It’s things like religion and how they try to impose their ideas on others as well as parents who impose their ideas on their children as to what they should be and do in life. Why should it matter if their child is rich or poor in life, as long as they are living as they perceive their lives to be.

Many parents think that by imposing their ideas on their children that they are protecting them in some way. Protecting their future. Telling them to path they must take for success in life, such as going to college and which paths are most profitable to them. These things are more than simple things to keep them safe because they also interact with the philosophy of the individual which is the basis of the perspective.

It goes back to just letting go. Feed the children, give them a safe place to live, guide them from immediate harm but allow their “future” to be their own as well as their expression in the present.

Of course this can be difficult because the rest of the society, who are all being pressured and controlled by other forces in life, altering their perspectives, then try to alter the perspective of the child who the parent is trying to protect.

Altering the perspectives of others is much like how people judge others. They judge others based on how they themselves have been judged. They also do as to what has been done to them.

If they have been criticized all of their lives then they will criticized. If they have been constantly yelled at in anger then they will constantly yell at others in anger.

If they are raised in fear of the differences that might be within themselves, constantly being aware of them through this criticism, then the will see only the differences in others and criticize those differences.

All of these things occur simply because others in life impose their perspectives on other people.

Most people seem to feel safer around those of like perspectives on life. This too is because they see the differences in the world and these differences are a threat because they to have been attacked in some way for being different. So they seek to be the same because it makes them feel safe.

So when I now look at another person I see both a physical expression of the universe, which is mainly the masculine and the feminine expression. What they look like beyond that doesn’t really matter.

Then there is the individual perspective expression of the universe that is within them. This is the important expression, at least for me. This expression is altered and distorted for the most part because so many people have imposed their perspective upon them yet, beneath all of it is the pure universal perspective expression. This is the beauty that my heart had shown me during my journey that I couldn’t describe at the time.

The only reason I am able to describe it now is because I can now see this in myself.

It comes from my heart allowing me to live each characteristic of my perspectives for periods of time. Of course, at the time I might have defined them individually as individual perspectives. It wasn’t until they all came together to form one perspectives, based on many different characteristics, of which I can see while seeing it all as one perspective.

It’s much like the universe, who is expressing all the characteristics of her universal consciousness perspective through each and every life form within the universe.

From the leaves on the trees, the birds flying about, the insects and every being that we encounter here on Earth and throughout the universe, they are all one characteristic of the universal perspective. At least, when this characteristic perspective isn’t altered and deformed by other perspectives being imposed upon it.

Even so, this imposition also evolves greater perspectives. Still, one can’t find the answers they are seeking on such things from other perspectives. Such as how people seek out answers from other people by reading their books, watching their videos or reading their blogs. These are just a few examples as there are far to many to list here.

One doesn’t necessarily gain knowledge from books. They simply impose another perspective upon their own. Another person’s perspective is their own characteristic perspective of the universe. It’s like the color blue telling the color red that it’s color is actually blue. Over time red will start thinking that it’s blue, going about telling other colors that it is blue while the other colors are thinking, “No, he is red. Why does he think he is blue?”

This is the main conflict that most people endure in this life and what causes them to think that they have to go out into the world, read books and seek out others to find themselves, when they are always within themselves.

Much like how Zen masters look strangely at people who come to them for the answers when they know the answers are only within the person who is coming to them for answers.

It is easy to see when Eckart Tolle talks live with people. They ask him questions about this and that and the answer is simple, just look within. You have the answer. But Eckart makes a lot of money doing this, as well as writing books, so he continues to do it. In his case, the answer is always, “Just stop thinking about it.” since this is his focus.

I might say, “Just let go of it and it will go away.” But this is my perspective and might not work for anyone else as they will need to seek out their own answers from their own heart.