Just Some Things That Happened

It’s a very warm day today, though there is a moderate wind that keeps it nice. This would be a perfect Summer day but I know they will be few as it will not start to get hot. By the end of the week we will enjoy temperatures in the mid 90s F. The forecast says it will cool down again after a small storm passes, which is probably why it will get up into the 90s with the South wind blowing before the storm.

The French Open started today and I had the pleasure of watching a first round match with Petra Kvitova this morning before work. It was a rough match for her. Tie breakers in the first two sets. Each set about an hour long. She came close to losing the match in the second set. I couldn’t bear to see her out in the first round of the French.

I only had about 45 minutes before I had to leave for work when the second set was over so I didn’t think I would be able to see it through. They Petra seemed to get her stride and range back and zipped right through the third set with no trouble.

I was thinking of how it might have been nice to see her just zip through easily in straight sets but I have to say that it was very enjoyable to have it so close.

I guess I didn’t need ESPN + because Tennis Channel Plus subscribers get all the matches. The wonderful thing is it is without any commercials and no commentators. Just pure tennis and only the sounds of the match, along with the fans, which it is nice to have them back, even though only a few.

I watched the last part of a men’s match playing on the same court while waiting for this match. Fognini was playing a French player. The crowd was rough on Fognini, though he pulled it out in the end. Again, it was nice to hear the fans again. There were many more for that match than for Petra’s match, but it filled up some about half way through.

Now I have access to every women’s match played today on demand. Yes, it is a great luxury. Even if there are commentators they are different from those on the main channel who constantly talk about senseless things like what they players ate for breakfast or their favorite color. I’m exaggerating a bit but it takes away from the game.

Naomi Osaka is protesting again. She is planning on missing all the press conferences and be fined for doing so. She is doing it because of the mental stress that they cause. She says that all they ask are questions that they’ve already asked and, if they might have lost, they try to pry in to the player to find out why they might have lost, which Naomi says is when some players break down and even start crying.

It’s sort of what I’m enjoying not having to listen to the constant talk of the commentors nor having to sit through the interviews between matches. It’s just pure tennis. Even between matches they might just show highlights from the previous match for a while. This is usually have a time where the camera just sits over the court and you watch the maintenance people prepare the court. Then they might show the next players in back getting ready for their match. All without any commenting. This is tennis watching as it should be.

Well, if I hadn’t decided to get ESPN+, which I will use at times, such as during the Little League World Series that I always enjoy watching, I wouldn’t have gotten Disney+, which is just wonderful.

It’s good that the French Open started because I would have run through all the movies and shows, though I have a lot to still run through. I’ve watched “UP” and “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.” They do have the Muppet Show so I’ve watched a few episodes of that.

I find it interesting that at the beginning of each Muppet Show episode they play a disclaimer stating that some of the things in the show are harmful and mistreating of other people and cultures. More of that woke stuff.

I can see some things in it, such as the Swedish chef, but if a person from Sweden is upset about that then I don’t know what to say. There are other things like a skit about Turkey, which as a song.

It’s funny because later that day, I think it was on a TV show that was on at work, I heard them making fun of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Oh yes, they have “The Office” playing all day in the break room today. I thought, “The Taliban is a culture. Shouldn’t his be seen as being offensive?”

As with everything in the US society, it is all subjective and people are being far to sensitive about everything now. I mean, I have Asperger’s and people still treat me like an idiot at times. I have just gotten used to it, especially after now being aware of my Asperger’s, just like with all the things I experience because of it within myself, which were once like a nightmare, I can now simply manage them.

I have learned to no try to do everything and get overly stimulated. I have learned to not take my first reaction to a situation but work out the perspective first until I understand what is really going on.

As for others, they will always treat me as they do. Most people are nice, but there are those who will always treat those who are different from them badly. I no longer feel pain when someone treats me badly or makes me feel stupid. I just move on and forget about it. Unlike throughout my life, even when I thought it was because I might be somewhat feminine, it used to bother me terribly. Even make me angry.

Oh yes, I also watched “The Incredibles” and I started watching some episodes of “The Simpsons” starting at the very beginning. I really like the earlier episodes better. I hadn’t watched in many, many years. It as there so I thought I would give it a whirl and yes, I laughed a few times at the craziness.

So it is good the French Open started and now I have two week of nothing but tennis, though I’m sure I’ll do other things as I won’t watch every match. I couldn’t. There are over 20 women’s matches played today alone. It will go down as people go out and the second week will be much less. All in all, I’ve been waiting for this and now it’s here. I really can’t wait for Wimbledon. And the whole grass court season preceding it. It’s my favorite time in tennis.

Well, I didn’t think I really had much to write about today and almost didn’t write today but I feel I need to write each day so this is what you get.

I did have a few interesting inner experiences today. I noticed that all of the individual perspectives that I experienced during the journey have all come together as one perspective. It’s like, through the journey, I was able to experience all the individual characteristics or aspects of a whole perspective. Being able to literally live within each one for a period of time. Now they seem to have come together into one, where I can see each individual aspect but it is all as one. Sort of like how in individual person might have many characteristics but is still one individual person.

I also feel more and more like I did before the journey, like my self, but it’s very different in that it is lacking all the burden that I was living then. Such as when I was younger and in my 20s or so, I was worried about what I might be doing in life, the perspectives of others as they related to my life, and many other stressors.

Later it became the burden of having thought I failed after I did set out to achieve something in the society and it blew up in my face, leaving me in a terrible state of being for many years.

Yet, I can see aspects of who I was when I was much younger and parts of when I went through other stages. I can see that the burdens I felt during those times was the greater part of my experience then. But beneath it was what I’m experiencing now. Maybe I am experiencing my true self, finally.

Who knows? It’s all just unfolding now. All I can say is that I really enjoy what is appearing both within me and in my life around me. I can see that it it might actually be possible for me to have my ultimate dream, at least 5 to 10 years of peace before I die.