A Different Day

It’s a very warm day today. We are preparing for a great wind that will precede more storms coming in a few days. I was actually sweating when I came home today. Ripped off the heavier clothes and put on some shorts and a tank top.

Today was a very different day for me. I actually became angry. It felt good. It’s strange how, just like crying, becoming angry can bring about some clarity.

First off, my routine was again disrupted this morning. I wasn’t supposed to go to work until later. I was just hanging out watching some tennis then took a shower. When I got out of the shower I noticed a message on my phone. It was work calling me in early.

Well, I need the money. Because of my routine I had already eaten because I try to eat at the same times everyday, which is working out well. I’ve also noticed that I’m eating light. I no longer eat any meat. It’s been a few weeks so I cleaned out my freezer yesterday and got rid of what meat I had left. Also finding that I keep buying meatless crumbles but beneath it all I had unopened bags. So I’m stocked up on that for a little while.

I quickly made a lunch, got dressed and went to work. Getting there it was a mess, which was expected since they were calling me in early. The staff was very light so there must of been people calling out sick. The freight for my department was very heavy. So I went to work to get it done, which took me all the way to the end of my day. Thankfully I’m off tomorrow again.

Of course it was also very busy with customers all over the place. So I worked around them which always frustrates them. I had a lot to do and their feelings I have to ignore.

All day I was thinking about how my heart has been showing me how the bible is pretty much the cause of much of the unrest in the world, though most will deny it. It brought to mind all the things that people in society seem to deny.

I thought about how the bible is like a time bomb being planted in the human stream of consciousness that will one day go off, giving the believers what they desire, because they will make it happen.

Then I realized that Israel is actually exploiting the bible also, declaring that the land is their inheritance based on the bible or Torah.

For some reason this brought to mind the idea of the Curse of Canaan, or Ham as it is most known. The concept that all black people are cursed because of a curse that Noah placed on Canaan.

At break I found a really good read on the subject. Well, two actually. One was written by a black man raised in the southeast US and he attended a fundamentalist church where, when he was young, they told him that because of this curse he too was cursed. Of course, later in his life he found the reality of this curse, mostly the fact that “god” stated that all curses only last about 4 generations.

I then read what seemed to be a comment on another post. It was by a man supporting the curse. He was talking about how black, including Arabs and others in the area, are more prone to sexual sin and therefore they need to be governed, not enslaved, but lovingly governed.

Then a person left a very long and informative comment to his comment. It wasn’t an angry comment but went into detail the verses in the bible relating, not only to this but to Jews in general. They went on about how Jews are descendents of Abraham, or Issac, and that most Jews are not descendents of them.

They did a good job of describing how this line had been disrupted in many ways, including conversions to Judaism. They talked about how some of the descendents gave their children to slaves and they bore children with them. I do believe Hagar was a slave of Abraham and Sarah from which Ishmael was born.

Which, of course, is much of the reason their is so much conflict between Arabs and Jews because Arabs believe Ishmael to be the rightful heir thus, in a sense, why they wish to control the land that the Jews believe is theirs, which goes all the way to Iraq and was much of the conflict of ISIS who was supposedly trying to regain the caliphate.

Well, this person didn’t talk about all of this but they helped to bring further evidence to my mind on how the bible is being used to exploit all the violence that is occurring in the Middle East.

I came home and the first video in my recommended list was from Abby Martin. I’ve been waiting for her to weigh in on all of this, and boy did she. She is such an amazing woman. She focused solely on the Israeli motivation of killing civilians because they are “human shields” for Hamas. Meaning that if any civilian is within any area where Hamas might be then they are shields and they can be killed and it isn’t a war crime.

Well, there are 2 million people in a space that is very small and Hamas is their government. No one can leave Gaza so no matter where they are they are in range of something that is Hamas. Basically, Israel is being exposed, just as all the other corruption in the world is being exposed. Their sins are truly being revealed.

In 11:44 Abby just went off with 5 points that were right on the target. I had to laugh because I’ve seen other commentators go on for an hour and say less than she said in 11 minutes.

A couple of videos over was another independent news person talking about how Geraldo Rivera, a self proclaimed Jew and Zionist, went off on the inhumanity that is going on in Gaza. He did this on Fox News, which is normally a very pro-Israeli channel.

He basically said the very same things that Abby Martin said, and he said it with great passion. Of course the others on the panel attacked him with such blatant propaganda lies, their statements easily proven wrong without even having to look them up.

Like one who said that the Palestinians rejected a deal in Vienna. They are not negotiating in Vienna. In Vienna there are negotiating the Iran nuclear deal.

One can truly see how mainstream media is also being exposed and it’s no wonder their ratings are falling quickly as more and more people seek out independent news to get away from the propaganda. Of course, with independent news, one does have to be skeptical and willing to do their own research.

Just like another video I saw this morning, by Kim Iversen. Now with Kim, I take her with a grain of salt. Sometimes she is spot on and other times she wanders off into nowhere land.

Today she did something rather amazing. She took several conspiracy theories and, with a lot of research, formed a very good story from them.

It was about why Bill Gates was working with Jeffrey Epstein, the accused sex slave trafficker who supposedly committed suicide in jail.

Well, when this broke was about the time that Bill resigned from the board at Microsoft a little later announced that he and his wife were getting a divorce.

Without getting into all the details as Kim wove through many things and did a very good job. She then wove it all back to the idea that Bill’s dream, based on one of his assistants who gave an interview to a news organization, was to earn a Nobel Prize. This assistant said that he was collaborating with Jeffrey Epstein to help him get the Nobel Prize.

Well, just as Kim pointed out, how could a sex trafficker have any influence to help Bill get a Nobel Prize. She also pointed out that it is very sad that one could get a Prize without having done anything notable but simply because of who they know.

Well, she then continued on into another conspiracy theory, that Epstein was a Mossad agent for Israel. That he used sex trafficking to lure rich people in, have sex with this young and many underaged women, and then use this to blackmail them to help Israel.

She then pointed out that Bill had invested a lot of money into the Pfizer and other vaccines, doing so as if he is some great philanthropist and possibly hoping this and his other supposed philanthropy, which is nothing more than destroying lives so that corporations can come in and swoop on what private citizens around the world are losing to them, might win him a Nobel Prize.

But then Kim pointed out something. She asked what country in the world was nearly fully vaccinated before any other country, including the US.

This country was Israel.

Well, it all made for an interesting day but I didn’t truly feel the anger until I listened to Abby Martin. Oh how I love her. But it all settled back down and now I will simply go about the rest of my day and into my day off tomorrow.

Thinking of tomorrow. As I stated earlier about how light my diet is now, which is wonderful and I feel so much better. Well, this morning I also saw another video from After Skool. It was about how nutrition guidelines are basically BS.

It went on about all the diets there have been over the last century since they first started working out guidelines, from low fat, which they later determined we need fat to other things. Today their our thousands of different diets.

I found it interesting to see how each diet came out and was later debunked. He went on to say how indigenous people, when they later started eating a Western diet, would become obese and diabetic. Then, if they went back to their original diet, they would lose weight and become healthy again.

Well, it got me thinking about my own diet, as well as other things. When I eat what seems natural to me, though it seems to go against the guidelines, I feel much better. When I try to live within the guidelines I feel terrible.

Such as with protein. They say for a person my size I need 80 grams of protein a day. When I attempt to get this much I feel terrible. When I’m getting maybe 35 to 40 a day I feel fine. Some days even less.

And this whole calorie thing. They say I need 2000 calories a day. It is difficult for me to get this much because I don’t desire it. But I have tried many times and again, I feel terrible. Over full.

I naturally only desire around 1500 and sometimes less in a day and when I eat several light meals a day, not necessarily ever letting myself get hungry, eating every couple of hours, if even a couple of good handfuls of pumpkin seeds as one of the meals, I feel great and sleep great.

Within all of this I have been thinking about seeds. I really enjoy the new addition of pumpkins seeds. But I recently read an blog post about sesame seed and how nutritious they are. This surprised me because I’ve only seen them as bread topping.

This reminded me of chia seeds and how nutritious they are.

Well, tomorrow I going to buy some chia seeds and some sesame seeds. I will make some chia seed pudding, mixing it with almond milk that is sweetened with banana. I will put the sesame seeds into my smoothies. I will also continue eating the pumpkin seeds each day, which I now enjoy with my peanut butter and honey sandwich I take for lunch, rather than buying a small bag of Chex mix.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing today.