Just A Little Rain

Today we had a nice thunderstorm. At least that’s what I heard while working in the backroom. I wished I was out there enjoying it. Thunderstorms here are very enjoyable. They are even better up in places like Idaho, where the lightning is even better to watch.

Then when I was getting off I realized I didn’t have a jacket so if it was still raining I would get soaked on my ride home. When I went outside the sun was shining and it was warm and humid. When I got home the wind began to blow which brought a nice coolness to the air.

Well, it seems my focus has gone onto the Israel/Palestinian conflict. It seems it’s what my heart wants me to see because both sides have been appearing in my recommended list on YouTube.

This morning I enjoyed watching some video documentaries about Ultra Orthodox Jews who don’t believe that Israel is the state of Jews. They believe that “god” out the Jews in exile and they are to remain in exile until the coming of the Messiah.

As I listened to what it meant to them when the Messiah comes, it all related directly to everything my heart has taught me. The coming of the Messiah will bring peace and harmony to the Earth.

This made me think of Kabbalah. It is basically Jewish mysticism that goes much deeper than the common Jewish beliefs. As I’ve said before, throughout my life I’ve studied most every belief. I even took time to study what could be seen as the crust of Kabbalah.

In a way, Kabbalah is somewhat like the Tao. It is being able to come to see the true reality of life. To be able to see the divine in everything.

In some ways, it reminds me of the Gnostic, who are the enemy of the Catholics, at least, that’s what I was taught when I was taking the classes to become a Catholic. The main person teaching the classes was supposed to be the greatest theologian in this area, at least that’s how he acted and how those around him treated him.

He went on and on about how terrible the Gnostics are. Yet the Gnositic too also look at the divine as not a being but as a force. A force in the universe. A divine within everything.

I found it interesting that the making of the State of Israel actually divided the Jews. They are in conflict among themselves. I listened to Zionist Jews attack the ultra orthodox Jews as they went to rally to free Palestine. They said that they are extremist, just like ISIS, who are willing to strap bombs on their bodies and kill others.

When they went back to the Rabbi of this sect, he said that they would never do such as thing. They are peaceful and it is a sin to kill another person. He then went on to point out the Ten Commandments citing that the Zionists are both killing and stealing in order to maintain the State of Israel.

As I listened to how these people live, one thing stood out to me. They Rabbi stated that in their neighborhood if a person is dressed immodestly they ask them to leave.

This got me thinking about what I wrote yesterday. About how what I’m observing is extremist Secularism. Women are basically dressing like whores and it is the common, normal trend right now.

I thought about how this makes them be viewed more as objects than as the feminine. A man will look at them and be distracted by what he is seeing. It is natural as these tendencies are within the animal of the man.

I thought of how modesty doesn’t take anything away from women. It actually adds to them. It reveals the higher self. This too is what the Kabbalah is all about, coming to be our higher self.

Dressing promiscuously does nothing but reveal the physical feminine form and from this women are able to attract attention from men based on their bodies. It’s much like how some women, when they get their breasts enlarged say it gives them more confidence. In reality, it simply causes men to give them more attention based on their bodies.

Today I saw a woman dressed in jeans and a long tunic type top, which flowed down to about her knees. It was so beautiful, the colors and design. I noticed that I was seeing her as a woman, not based on her body. This I truly enjoyed.

I also saw a young woman wearing a short skirt, something you just don’t see much anymore as most women have it all out there. I noticed that this too, in relation to how women dress today, was modest. As I described yesterday, it’s like petals around the center of the flower not just the center of the flower out for everyone to see.

There is nothing about religion or anything that is taken away form a woman by dressing modestly. It simply allows her to be viewed as the beautiful feminine person she is within her, not based on her body.

These things also took me back to my own way of life. I call it a way of life rather than a belief because my way of life and how I see life is who I am. This is what I saw in these Jews. Their way of life is not a belief. It is who they are. Their very being.

Now, I could never live in such a way of life as these Jews, with all the rules and laws they have to live by each day. I don’t agree for myself that women have to be separate from men when they are meeting and that women have their duties and men have their duties.

All of that I can put aside in observing them. This is how they choose to live and I have the utmost respect for them.

It reminded me of my own rituals that my heart gave to me. All of which I still do for the most part but sort of lost the deeper connection to them. Watching these people brought back the connection for me.

They believe that they must stay in exile, and while in exile they are to teach others of the great love and compassion of “god.” Scattered upon the earth simply to be kind and love others.

Another aspect of Kabbalah is that of giving in order to receive. Another direct relation to the teachings of my heart. One must give freely and openly to others. Basically, become completely open within themselves and to others and thus, through this, they are given what they need.

Basically, this is the natural process of love. Giving and receiving.

As I observed people today I couldn’t help but think of how they think they deserve such a life. They seek comfort and pleasure in all that they do. Here in the US, the highest ideal if that of individual freedom. Yet my heart taught me that for each person who attains individual freedom another person becomes a slave to serve them. This is the natural order of balance.

It is the same with comfort and pleasure. For each person who enjoys comfort and pleasure another person will endure suffering.

All of this is because humanity is a single organism. What happens in one part of the organism, if it is out of balance, will affect other parts of the organism.

A person shouldn’t seek comfort and pleasure, which they often relate to as being happiness. Nor should they seek individual freedom, the desire to separate themselves from the rest of the organism and to stand on their own.

One common thing that most people seem to desire is peace and harmony. They don’t want to live in a world of violence and suffering. They do all they can as individuals to prevent themselves and their families from having to suffer. Yet, throughout the world people are suffering so that they can have comfort and pleasure, or happiness.

The irony is that people in the US are very unhappy people. This is also because with pleasure comes pain. It’s the natural balance. They too, as individual parts of the organism have an ecosystem within themselves that seeks balance and harmony. Their outward desires to have and possess to satisfy their egos also puts themselves out of balance and harmony.

They live stressful lives as they seek to attain the resources to gain all that their ego desires. They do things that are not natural to their being so as to earn resources to then, when Saturday comes, go out and buy things to relieve their suffering and stress from the week of doing things unnatural to them.

Then I hear them say when things are violent and people are mean to each other with hate, “I wish there wasn’t so much division.” When, in fact, they are creating all of the division from within them.

All that is happening in Israel and Gaza right now is a direct result of what is happening here and throughout the world. Humanity is of one consciousness. They place their divided consciousness into the human stream of consciousness, stealing and even indirectly killing other people in the world so that they can have what they believe they have earned.

Yes, I had to wonder how they believe that they deserve the lives they are leading. Being able to walk safely down the street and into shopping stores where they can wander about freely without any concerns, buying things while conversing with friends and family. I even see father’s bonding with their children while shopping and buying them things.

All the while, throughout the world, and even in their own country, millions upon millions of people are suffering. This suffering there affects the rest of the organism. Just like if something is wrong in one part of the body it affects other parts of the body and the mind, making things more difficult.

It is all so interesting. Something that came to me from watching a few videos about Jews this morning before work.