The Nature of Things

It’s a warm day, in the 80s F. It’s interesting to think that in a few days, later next week, it is supposed to drop back down into the 50s and rain again. A small storm is expected Sunday into Monday but will only cool it into the 70s.

The world is interesting right now. I’m feeling much more energy now that I’m on a routine. It was all an experiment for me. I really didn’t know if regaining a routine would work. I really think those nights when I woke in the middle of the night feeling somewhat of an adrenaline spike was nothing more than the energy returning. Maybe there was more to it as what I felt at the time and maybe that too has something to do with it.

Yesterday I had a lot of energy. I actually felt as if I was on a stimulant or something. Today it balanced out more. They ask me to stay late to make sure everything is done and I don’t mind. I can still stay on routine. It helps out so I don’t come into extra work the next day.

I do have to work weekends now and that is a busy time. I watch all of my hard work being destroyed by the customers. When I wasn’t working weekends I would simply come into the aftermath on Monday morning. Now I get to watch it happen. Kids running around like animals tearing everything up. Pulling everything off the shelves while their parents stand there talking on their phones.

It is interesting from an observational standpoint. I still see such a potential beauty in humans but I also now get to see the other side at the same time. I used to being able to see the dual perspective now.

I was watching both the adults and the children and seeing that, yes, physically they are animals. But what makes them act like animals comes from within. It truly shows just how not awakened so many people are.

I couldn’t help but return to the statement that Greta Thunberg said. “It seems like only those with Asperger’s and Autism can see through the noise.”

The last couple of days this statement has taken me back through my life, back as far as when I was a teenager and I’ve always seen life much like I do now. I used to get into debates with people when I would point out all the destruction humans are doing, such a building new buildings on what was once a productive field of life.

I never forget the woman I met in a bar in San Francisco back in the 90s who asked me to come over and have a drink with her. I simply took the conversation into the destruction right out the window, all the roads and concrete that are now upon once productive fields. She turned away and wouldn’t respond to me anymore. I simply went back to playing pool.

While at work I simply observe the people and today I was amazed at how I was seeing them. It came to me that the dress and skirt is nothing more than to represent flower petals. It merely surrounds the center of the flower, or stigma, style and ovary.

As time has progressed, women now prefer to have these things more revealed rather than with petals around them. Now they reveal this part very openly. Now that it’s warm, they go all out, wearing very tight shorts that, well, expose it all. I saw a woman today without a bra wearing a tight, white tank top. Well, nipples bulging out and in full view as the shirt was basically see through.

I’ve seen rallies of women saying that they should be able to dress however they want, some of them at the rallies wearing only bras on top. That it is the man’s responsibility to not desire them or bother them. Well, that’s playing with fire.

The one thing that it does expose is that people simply can’t see themselves for what they are. They are natural. There are natural forces at work also.

It made me think about geese. They only desire to breed once a year. Humans both desire sex and can breed anytime during the year. Women going into heat once a month rather than once a year. It’s truly interesting that nature created such a species who would then become a feral species because they were given conscious awareness by another being.

Basically, the entirety of human behavior is based on sex in one way or another. All of these women freely exposing themselves in public, not just low life women but even more now the rich women. They do it because they desire attention. They desire to be seen as the flower. They wish to impose their only power over men and be able to do it freely by going as far as they desire.

The funny thing about all of this is that the only thing that is protecting them is the laws that protect them. Moral law is gone for the most part. Pornography is rampant, which only increases the sexual desire in men. It also gives men an unnatural perspective of women, based on the masculine.

The other part they don’t seem to see is that women are simply expressing power when they reveal their flower for all to see. They don’t seem to realize the chemical reactions these things cause in men. But, it also causes a chemical reaction within the women because many of them want to be desired. It arouses them.

It’s why they drink so much coffee and do other things, to increase this chemical reaction within them. It’s all about being able to feel a sense of sexual euphoria all the time without having to have sex.

At the same time, expressing a sense of feminine power over the masculine who has bound them for thousands of years from expressing such power. The power of seduction without having having to give it away.

All in all, this is all based on the animal within them all stemming from the most primitive parts of the brain. This is why I find it so interesting that to see the beauty of their form, which I adore because it is the physical expression of the feminine, then to see the actions of these humans who in turn live lives based on the primitive parts of the brain, both sexually and aggressively.

This aggression can be seen while they feed their egos with things. This is the rampage I see as they feed through buying things, again all causing chemical reactions that stem from the primitive parts of the brain. One might say the animal parts of the brain.

It is simply amazing also to see the sort of coma that are in. Not so much a coma but like a drug induced daze. They walk around with their carts and then just stop in the middle of the aisle and stare around, looking at all the things.

I begin to see something akin to like a cat sees when you dangle yarn in front of it. The stimulus of the all the colors and things they see causes a sense of daze in them. They almost want to pounce on everything but are controlled by only what they can afford so they have to decide what is the best thing for them. If they could they would buy everything. Just attack it all.

I watch their eyes as they are fixated on these things, again, much like a cat’s eyes. Darting about, looking at each thing closely, “Will this satisfy me? Will it satisfy my son? Will it satisfy my family? Will it make them happy which, in turn, will make me happy? Will it make me happy?”

On and on the questions go as the chemicals in their brains move about through them and into their bodies. Some items causing greater chemical reactions and thus a greater desire for them.

Yet, if you interrupt them by simply pointing out the insanity of it, they might say, “Well, by me buying things it keeps you in a job. It helps the economy. It keeps people working. Etc.”

Within me I laugh as a madman might laugh at the insanity while, on my face I simply raise my eyebrows and shrug my shoulder and move on.

I’ve been interested in the Israel/Palestinian conflict lately. I find it interesting that there are two different lines of information coming out. The mainstream US media mainly talks from the Israeli point of view, how they are attacking those evil Palestinians and beating them down. Yet there are other sources who seem to tell a different story, how Hamas is actually breaking through the Iron Dome. How they are causing a lot of damage. They also talk about how Iran is considering getting involved.

Iran is already providing all the weapons but they are talking about a greater involvement. The interesting thing is that this is what Israel wants. They have been wanting a war with Iran for a long time. They believe they have the US in their back pocket because it is politically incorrect to be anti Israeli in the US.

Abby Martin has currently filed a law suit against the state of Georgia because, when she was asked to come and give a speech at a college there she was asked to sign a document saying that she wouldn’t say anything against Israel. Well, she is pro-Palestinian cause. She is so beautiful because she simply said “No” and filed a law suit against her right to free speech. She is one strong woman.

But it brings out that in most states in the US it is nearly illegal to speak against Israel. Her point is that Israel shouldn’t have anything to do with what happens in the US.

Well, I saw Krystal Ball on The Hill talking about how President Biden has received more Israeli lobbyist money than any other politician.

So basically, Israel is pretty confident that the US and their allies will back Israel, even despite the fact that they just blew up a building housing journalists.

Well, it’s all so interesting and maybe this is it. The next world war. Russia and China back Iran. They aren’t small cookies in the batch. And maybe it’s not. Just releasing some of the pressure going on over there. But that pressure will come to a true boiling point one day. You can’t just keep skimming off the pressure. It’s all a natural chemical reaction that, well, each country seems they can control it but there are many things that humans can’t control, mainly nature. And nature is far more that just the weather or the climate. It is within them also.