A Lovely Day

The day is progressing well. The sun is still shining and it has warmed a bit but not hot by any means.

It’s my first day off in the week of my new work schedule. I worked the later shift yesterday and usually I would have to work the early shift today. It was nice to not have to go in early today after working the later shift yesterday. And I go in for the same later shift again tomorrow and for the rest of the week. Over time my routine will form.

I’m working at it now. I’ve noticed that my eating habits have become chaotic also during the last 5 months of little routine. On my days off I wouldn’t eat breakfast and not eat until early afternoon. My other meals were erratic also.

I remembered how I used to eat when on a routine which was small meals every 2 to 3 hours. So I’m working on getting back on that schedule as well as making it mainly vegetarian.

Today I made chick pea or garbanzo bean wraps. Mashing the beans and mixing it with a little mayo. This is how I made it in the beginning and it didn’t have any zip to keep my attention. I tried some spices but that didn’t do it either.

Then I started adding diced onions, which helped a lot. Another time I also added diced tomatoes which helped even more. Today I took it even further and added diced jalapeno. That made it perfect for me. Something I can eat all the time and have a desire to eat it.

Since I still eat cheese I bought a large bag of shredded cheese that was on sale. For a quick meal I put cheese in a tortilla wrap with some diced jalapeno, zap it for about 40 or so seconds and it makes a nice small meal.

Other times I just put some potatoes or fries of some sort into the air fryer, sometimes spraying a little olive oil on them and then spreading garlic powder on them to give them some extra flavor.

I think I’m going to try tator tots with melted cheese and then add some diced jalapeno on top. I do like a bit of heat and spice to my meals. Definitely blending in different tastes to them and not so much things I would see on an online recipe, which never really work out well for me.

I went ahead and scheduled an interview at the job I applied for. A week from today which gives me time to work out other things this week at my current job.

I feel very good about it right now but that doesn’t mean anything. The true decision won’t be made until the moment itself when my heart voices her will in all of it. But I’ve done my part in setting things up and this week I will talk to the management at my current job to see what options I might have there. From what I got from my immediate manager before in a meeting, there aren’t too many options. I believe this is because he wants me to stay in my current role which benefits him. This is why I will speak with his manager about it and put it all on the table.

Watching the movie “I Am Greta” really is helping me in many ways. I can see why my heart wanted me to watch it. Mostly in accordance to my Asperger’s. I can stand up for the things I need in life rather than settling for whatever they give to me.

I have no animosity against my Asperger’s and will willingly work with it rather than against it. It’s not so much a disease or illness but who I am. I liked Greta’s response in an interview where the person asked her about her Asperger’s saying, “You suffer from Asperger’s don’t you.” Greta responded, “I can’t say that I suffer from it but I do have it.”

People just don’t realize that those with Asperger’s are highly intelligent in many things, especially in self awareness and those things that interest them, causing them to become hyper focused on those things. She may have been only 15 years old but she expressed great intelligence and self awareness in all things.

She even celebrates her Asperger’s saying that it would be better if more people had Asperger’s because they too could see through all the noise and understand the true reality of life. Like she said, “It seems only those with Asperger’s and Autism can see through the noise.”

So yes, this all helped me in coming even more to terms with my own Asperger’s. All coming from a young girl where most would expect any inspiration coming from an adult, viewing children as ignorant of life and stupid, just as they said when they attacked Greta, calling her mentally ill and that she should just shut up and go back to school to learn about reality.

Tennis continues today. I have had the privilege of watching Alize Cornet, only to see her on the brink of losing to Angelique Kerber, though she is trying to come back now. She just broke Kerber and tying the second set to 5 all. Coming back from three games down. It looked like the first set where she lost 6 to 2.

This is why she is one of my favorites, though I have a lot of favorites, Kerber being one of those favorites. She rarely gets far in most upper level tournaments but she gives it her all. It’s funny though, no matter who is playing, even those I don’t really know, I still cheer for both and enjoy their play.

Though here I would love to see Alize win simply to continue on and get further in the tournament. I’ve already lost Camila Georgi, who I like for the same reason. She puts it all out there, though playing rather erratic, taking great risks, which is also part of the enjoyment of watching her.

Having Tennis Channel Plus, which allows me to watch most any match I want at anytime, I’ve noticed that I’m learning even more about tennis and being able to see the details of the styles and personality of play for each player. This has made tennis even more enjoyable. Plus, I get to watch mainly women’s matches. When I do see a men’s match it actually seems strange to me.

The only man I actually enjoy watching play is Rafa Nadal. I think he might have a little Asperger’s in him as he really enjoys his routines, even having to put down his water bottles in a special place on the ground as well as everything else. It’s so interesting to watch him get settled on his side before the match.

Overall, today seems to progressing well. I guess it could be said it has been productive. I went grocery shopping for a few things, such as a large container of peanut butter which is one of my staple snacks, either on bread with honey or just on a large spoon with some water.

It seems that Alize has lost the match. Two of my favorites are now out but Petra is still in, playing a good match today and Kerber is also in, the benefit of beating Alize. See, I just can’t lose because, in one way or another, they are all my favorites. They are all wonderful, intelligent, creative and beautiful women that I truly adore.

Though I continue to enjoy another tournament without the Willams sisters and I would be happy if they never return. Okay, I’m a little bit mean in this case but it’s so wonderful to see so many up and comers truly enjoying themselves freely without the oppression of the Williams hype and power game.