A Complex World

It rained this morning. They said it wasn’t supposed to rain, only cloudy but it rained. Now it’s sunny and cool. I have a feeling this is the end of the cool days. It doesn’t warm up quickly but it doesn’t seem there will be any more storms in the near future to keep down the heat. So here we go.

Usually I’m looking forward to the warm weather, often complaining about the storms that prevent it, but I know it’s going to be a very hot, dry Summer so I have come to enjoy the cooler weather as long as I can.

After watching the movie, “I Am Greta.” I’ve been in a strange mood. Here a young girl came out into the world to try to do something about climate change. And basically the world made a mockery of her. Even the protesters were somewhat of a mockery.

Not comparing her to Jesus, but it reminds me of how people would receive Jesus if he were to come today. The authorities would mock him for trying to change things and those who follow him would expect him to save them.

Some of the protesters actually expected this of this young girl who was simply expressing her heart. This is how the protesters made a mockery of her.

She literally rode in a small sailboat across the Atlantic to get to New York City to speak at the UN. They filmed part of it. I’m sure this was very traumatic for her. She talked about how it was all such a great responsibility that had been placed upon her while riding along on the open seas.

She was seasick most of the way. I’m not sure how she returned. I wouldn’t blame her if she flew. I’m sure it was very traumatic for her, out there for a couple of weeks.

She simply has a pure heart. And it was this heart that was attacked over and over by those in the mainstream of society. I have to agree in part with a clip they showed of Putin talking about her. Saying that it’s a very complex issue that can’t simply happen overnight.

Since I didn’t have an tennis to watch, I watched some videos, including Russell Brand who happened to have a video out about greenwashing.

He talked about how Microsoft and Amazon are both talking about being carbon free by about 2050, but then showed articles that talked about both of them investing in big oil. He talked about how they always put the goal out about 30 years. This has been happening since the 80s and 90s. Still no one is near the goals. In fact, they are using more.

This is the complexity of it all. The people continue desiring the products that these companies make and the sole desire of these companies is to make money, so they will keep making them. Yet, the irony is that these corporations are the ones who are putting it into the minds of the people the desire for their products.

Apple talks about becoming carbon free yet continues to push the public to buy a new phone each year when they put out a new phone.

It’s all just a game. Just like the game the CIA is playing by putting out “woke” recruiting ads. These alone reveal the insanity of it all. They seemed to try to put in every “woke” issue within each of them. Trying to clean their name, even changing their logo. All the while they are the ones weakening other governments, assassinating and torturing people throughout the world.

It’s so interesting.

But all of this put me in a mood of absurdity. Seeing it all for the absurdity that it all is. I saw that Israel again attacked Gaza, who had launched some missiles their way but didn’t do much damage. They, in turn, killed many people and wounded many more in their air attacks.

I can’t understand why Hammas would do such a thing as sending missiles their way. They know they won’t do much damage and that Israel will retaliate double what they did.

It just seems like an act of defiance and nothing more. In my eyes, it is all absurd.

It all shows that nothing is going to change. Strangely, the power countries seem to want war, even the US. They constantly agitate everyone in the world, basically telling them to comply or die. What they want them to comply with, “democracy” as they state it, is pure insanity.

I have to wonder if this is what the founding fathers of the US expected of the US. To become nothing more than a bully who creates governments of bullies throughout the world who bully everyone, attempting to force them into some sort of compliance to something that really doesn’t exist.

This is also the complexity of it all. To stop consumerism the people would have to stop consuming so much. By doing so it would cause the corporations to lose their power of their lives. Then they wouldn’t need all the resources to keep this current level of consumption going and thus, no reason to control other countries so they can be used and exploited.

All of this isn’t going to happen anytime soon. In fact, it won’t happen until all is lost. Until it all comes to a great climax and, well, all is lost due to the passion for power being expressed to the extreme. Which we all know, even in the lower levels of society, comes to intense violence, such as like all the mass shootings that have been occurring in the US.

I can only wonder if even that is all just a show. A very serious show where many people die. A show to simply be able to finally take away all the guns from the people. Not that I care much about guns myself. I know one thing, there are a lot of people in the US who won’t give up their guns unless they kill them first to take away their guns. It’s just interesting how mass shootings are happening almost daily since Biden took office.

At least tennis is back today. I’m watching Petra Kvitova now, as she lost terribly the first set. This happens and they she comes back in the second set.