The Many Facets of Life

It’s very early in the morning. I woke up and went outside where it is cool but clear. I sat down and looked up to the sky to see what seemed to be a star but it was moving. The light wasn’t flashing so it didn’t seem like an airplane. I looked down for only a couple of seconds and then looked back up and it was gone. I figured there must be some clouds or something.

Then another light appeared, following the same trajectory and then it too faded from bright to less bright and then disappeared. Then came another and then another. I counted 8 of them, the last few were more dim than the others but they followed the same line and then disappeared at the same point.

Well, I have no idea what they were but I found it interesting. I tried to discern if there were some clouds but I couldn’t see anything resembling clouds though it was very dark in that area of the sky. Stars aren’t so much something I can watch for because it is the city and the lights obscure 99.9% of the stars.

I woke to a strange feeling. Not so much strange but feeling like, well, things were running on and I was forgetting or neglecting other things in life. It is one of the traits of Asperger’s, to become hyper focused on some things while neglecting other things.

Then I realized that, in a way, I’ve had enough for the time being of all this awareness and expansion. I felt overflowing from all that has been coming to me lately. It felt like a time of rest from it was coming. This made me feel that other changes are coming along with it.

I felt rather calm while sitting outside. I could see that my perspective was sort of relaxing and not looking deeply into everything. This too does become exhausting after a while. I thought about if I were to simply let go of all of that and just ride the wave of life. Just be. Let life simply carry me without having to observe every detail about life.

Then I watched a video of Alan Watts and it was a very deeply philosophical talk. Going so deep and I could find that my mind really didn’t feel like following it. It seemed to not really matter much, though what I was following was interesting. The funny part was that it was talking much about exactly what I was feeling. He was talking about a conversation he has with some people who asked him if human life is a tragedy rather than comic. Is human life what it used to feel like for me, that humans are strangers on this planet, here in a sense as a fluke and not natural to the environment, destined simply to a tragic ending of, well, being nothing to the whole of everything and thus ending in darkness? Like being strangers in a strange land.

Or, are humans natural to the environment?

Well, I already know the answer these questions. I’ve been writing about these things for a long time now. How humans are natural but their conscious awareness is somewhat unnatural, at least in how they gained it. Gaining it through biological DNA manipulation by another being.

Yet, this isn’t so much a mistake but a natural process of the universe herself. It does become confusing for humans though, especially when they aren’t being guided taught in their conscious awareness. They are floundering about trying to figure out who they are and why they can see what other beings seemingly can’t see, especially when they are just like the other beings except for this one thing that is different about them, causing them to become the apex predator of the planet.

Without this benefit humans most certainly wouldn’t be the apex predator.

But, within it all, there is an evolution to life. Maybe not in the way that Darwin described it based on his observations. It is easy to see why humans are so easy to accept the concept of survival of the fittest based on these observations of life, simply because they are animal for the most part, except for this strange ability to be able to both participate and observe themselves and the world around them.

Yet, even with this ability, one can see that many humans are subject to their instincts and to combine this with their conscious awareness being unmanaged in a sense, you see the animal behavior being expressed in a very different way. Both aware of being an animal and willing to cater to these aspects of themselves, possibly because it seems easier, yet having a higher ability than the animal. A connection to something they simply can’t understand and feel is elusive, even subjective, so they can’t quite grasp it.

This is where one can look at things differently and ask, “Is it really a game of hide and seek that the universe is playing or is it merely the fact that humans weren’t necessarily prepared for what they have been given and it is a matter of time, evolution in a sense, where they will be able to actually embrace it and understand it?

Okay, when I start asking questions like this am I now going beyond what Alan Watts is teaching. I have noticed that his concept of human history is that which is more Darwinian. Not so much directly but he saw humans as once apes who progressed into being who they are. He doesn’t seem to notice the abrupt change, the true missing link between hominid and human. Something that anthropologists still can’t answer.

My heart has given me this other information, which I found interesting when I came upon another fluke video in my recommended list that took me back to these things in a way. A video about caverns in the 4 corners region of the US that the government how protects fiercely but were once and still are very precious to the indigenious people. Places where they believe humans were, well, created.

Much like the Sumerian stories of where humans were created, which was in underground laboratories.

This is very important to add these things to the perspective simply because it does reveal that humans are no alone. They have never been alone. As I’ve said before, the universe is teeming with life. Life that is always attracted to other life. Some life, just as humans, desires to dominate other life. While some life seeks to live in harmony with other life.

Well, it’s easy to see that both types of life forms have been here to Earth, those seeking to guide humans with their conscious awareness and those seeking to manipulate humans, keeping them in the dark or asleep for as long as possible so as to use and exploit them for their own purposes.

In this sense, you can see the differences in conscious awareness even within these beings. Those who seek to control and exploit, even though they have great technological abilities, such as being able to manipulate the DNA in humans so as to give them conscious awareness and the ability to manipulate this conscious awareness for their own purposes. These beings are of a lesser understanding of conscious awareness in the sense that they too are still ego based, or animal in their own way.

Yet those other beings, beings who can possibly travel the universe in ways that humans, and possibly even these other beings, can’t even conceive of yet, are more like caretakers of the universe, caring for and even helping life in various parts of the universe. Such as with humans who were inadvertently given conscious awareness before their time and now have to learn how to deal with it else they will destroy themselves.

It’s funny how I can relate this to my own Asperger’s where, when I wasn’t aware of it, it was very destructive to me. I was self destructive in a way because there was something within me that I didn’t understand that made it difficult for me to be as other people. Once I became aware of it I was able to then begin to manage it and understand it. Work with it not against it.

So, in the same way, this is what humans are going through with conscious awareness and their lack of being able to be aware of their conscious awareness.

Yes, this does change the story a bit, but it is all based on facts that my heart has shown me. Things that others might dispute but that is of no concern to me because my heart has given me all the proof I need to be able to view this story and seemingly alternative history of humans as being fact. It fits every mythological tale of human creation, though some stories seem to try to hide this fact, possibly because they were injected into the human stream of consciousness so as to blind them to their true nature.

If all humans saw as I do then, well, they might get very angry and even violent because of it. They have been used of many, many thousands of years ago. Even made a fool of in many ways. Even today, as they willingly serve their masters, many do so with great enthusiasm, blind to the fact that they are being used, every aspect of who they are is being used for the gain of another being, even leading them to the brink of their own destruction. Because, just as it is with humans, these beings see humans as nothing more than a resource. A resource they have no empathy for. They will use them until they are used up, if not for the other beings who seek something very different for humanity.

And thus, you can see the true conflict that is going on behind the scenes of human physical existence and how awareness is coming to the forefront for many humans, though in a variety of ways and not always to it’s fullness. You can see how some are becoming aware even though they use the awareness within the rules and standards of the illusion, i.e. those who become awakened only to then charge others money to pretend that their is some method to becoming awakened.

Yes, they are awakened but not fully awakened. Just as my heart taught me from the very beginning of this journey, I am not to seek gain or profit from my heart. And, as I’ve recently realized, my heart isn’t necessarily just “my” heart. She is the universe herself. Thus, one should never seek profit or gain from the universe.

Which is something that always came to my mind, even before this journey, of those who teach that one can manifest all their desires from the universe. In my mind, this was stealing from and exploiting the universe. Treating her as if she were nothing more than resource to be exploited, rather than a true and living “being” of which all conscious awareness is derived, being that she is the artist of all that we see and experience because, well, we are her.

So, is it really stealing if what these people believe they are manifesting is actually theirs to begin with, being they are the universe. As with everything, it’s all a matter of perspective. There are really only two core perspectives. Perceiving life through what has become known as the “ego” and perceiving life through the heart, or the universe herself, of which all things freely flow and love is the primary energy of her heart.

When life is perceive through the “ego” it is perceive that one is separate from the universe, therefore the universe can be used and exploited for their individual desires. When it is perceived through the heart, there is no desire because all within is filled. Filled with the love of the universe, which is the most abundant energy within the universe but this can’t always be seen in a species that most often lives based on “ego” and through this has separated themselves from the universe and thus love, the most abundant energy in the universe.