The Roles We Play

Today started out sunny and warm. For the first time I didn’t have to wear a jacket of any kind. Of course, I was working a later shift. When I left work it had become cloudy and the wind is blowing, though still warm. Tomorrow is expected to be much cooler, which is reflected in the changes that are happening right now.

Today was an interesting day. It began yesterday after I wrote my second post. As I’ve said many times, when I write it becomes real within me. Not long after I wrote that post I happened upon a video of Alan Watts. Here in this speech, he confirmed all that I had written in that post. At times, word for word.

This made me realize that Alan is not a teacher. Much like he says about the people who attended his speeches. He would say that those who are there are on the brink of awakening. If they weren’t, none of this would make sense to them. Those who might not be on the brink of awakening might be simply teasing themselves as trying to be awakened.

All I see when I listen to him is confirmation of what I’m observing myself. He is not guiding me to any destination. He is simply offering his observations which are directly related to the observations that I am having of the world around me. Things that I often say that my heart is teaching me but even this isn’t the case. The deeper I go into the awakening the more deeply I see things, the world around me and within me, in a very different way.

Some of these things I had conceptualized throughout my life. They were passing thoughts that came to me at times. But I wasn’t actually experiencing them. Now they are all coming to life, more and more each day.

Today I was viewing people as nothing more than their playing roles. Roles that they have been taught to play. Of course, I thought of the Shakespeare quote, “All the world’s a stage and we are merely players.”

But this doesn’t fully describe it to the full extent.

You can see it in the clothes each person wears, all representative of the roles they are playing. Geeks wear certain clothes to express their geekness. The cool people wear clothes that represent their coolness. Those who dedicate their lives to business express this in the clothes they wear, the hair styles style their hair with.

Religious people express themselves differently based on the depth of their religious experience. Where I live it is based on a very religious system. It is interesting to see how these people express themselves in the world, often still following the trends of expression while, on Sunday putting on a different costume to represent what they believe when they are dedicating their time to their belief.

The women still wear yoga pants and leggings, which express openly their womanly flower. Yet they might put a large purse over their butts so they can’t be seen or wear a sweater or shirt around their waste.

Some like to reflect a certain rebellion toward their religion, though the still dedicate their time to their religions, often to reflect that they are open minded and more liberal than those who are more deeply dedicated to their religion. Often this is to allow them to feel greater acceptance with more people where, if they were to depict themselves solely as they believe others wouldn’t accept them or might even taunt or mock them.

I find it interesting that throughout my life I’ve tried to play many roles, represented by the clothes I would wear, but never felt comfortable. The only role I feel comfortable playing is the one that everyone told me was wrong. The role of a nothing.

Still, I do play a role when out in society. The only difference is that I’m aware of what I’m doing. I play by the standards of acceptability and portray myself as accepting of the society around me. It’s that I accept or don’t accept it. I’m simply indifferent to it.

I observe based on the perspectives that form within me as each day passes. I watch people, such as today, and first see that they are not individual from me but they are me. We are all we. We are the universe.

We don’t have an individual consciousness. In a way, as individuals, were simply borrowing this consciousness. But were not actually borrowing it because, if you go deeper, you notice that our individuality is nothing more than a role. Like a role in a movie. It doesn’t exist but it is running along as if it does exist. Like it is reality.

This is really the main difference between those who are awake and those who are still asleep. One is aware of this game and the other is hidden within the game. The game is their reality and thus they are the game.

I thought about all the opinions going on in the world. It brought to mind that the Internet is really a way to bring about a certain level of awakeness. I can see that there is awakeness in differing degrees happening everywhere.

The independent news is often people saying, “There is something wrong with what we are seeing.” So they go about seeking to expose all the things that they see as wrong.

You can still see they are in a state of sleep because they often view these things they are seeing as being life or death. Their desire to to somehow, in some way, save humanity from this inevitable demise they are facing. All the corruption going on. All the lies that are being spoken.

Well, as the mainstream society is now seeking to censor much of these things merely shows that they are trying to prevent this awakeness. They can only do the things they want to do if the people are asleep. Yet they have no control over this awakeness because it’s not just some psychological trend that is happening but it’s the universe awakening and finding herself after she hid herself in the illusion.

Many have profited greatly from a sleeping people. As we still see today, a people are asleep are easily manipulated.

Yet, there is another interesting side to this that I saw on another video.

It was a news segment about how a restaurant was opening up completely but they would only serve those who are fully vaccinated. People have to show their card to enter the restaurant.

They listened in as he took calls from people, which he said he was receiving hundreds each day, as they shouted at him, calling him a communist and other things. He had it in speaker phone. They claimed that he was taking away their rights. That what he was doing is illegal. They hoped that his business would fail because of this.

These people are so locked in their illusion that they believe they have to
fight for their rights in every instance. They live in constant fear that something is out to get them.

Well, nothing he was doing was illegal. The claims that he was violating HIPPA laws was false. HIPPA protects medical records from being stolen or involuntarily taken. Here, they would simply have to voluntarily show a card that depicts the dates they received the vaccine. He simply wanted to allow people to enjoy eating without having to wear masks and feel comfortable.

These people are merely playing a role, just like everyone else. Roles they have been taught to play. If they weren’t playing a role or were aware that they are simply playing a role in this life, they would simply go on about their lives and not visit this restaurant. If they want to visit it then they can get vaccinated. It’s not the only restaurant in the city.

This is one thing that disappears once awakened. The idea that one has to fight for something. To fight for survival. To fight for their rights.

The strange irony is that, an awakened person could live in most any society. They simply flow through it and around it. They are indifferent to any society. As my heart taught me early on in the journey, to simply do what is necessary to give myself the ability to freely roam through the society. Getting vaccinated, for me, wasn’t so much to avoid the virus but to allow me to freely flow through the society.

Well, it’s all so fascinating to observe. I believe I’ve fully accepted the fact that there is nothing I can do to alter the course of humanity. In fact, I no longer have any desire for this simply because I can see that there is nothing wrong with what humanity is doing.

As Alan Watts said, being awakened doesn’t mean that you don’t lose your temper or find other people to be annoying. You still go on living as a human, with all the human frailties and so called faults and flaws. The only difference is that you are aware of them.

You no longer seek to understand why or how things are happening. Things are happening as they should be happening, much like looking into a microscope to view cells move about, the energy within them causing them to be attracted to some cells and repulsed by other cells, while they will attack some cells.

It is the same with humanity. There is an energy between men and women. It seems to be an energy of attraction. It could be described a hunger in men and a necessity for survival in women, though they too experience a hunger, only in a passive way.

People are naturally repulsed by some people and attracted to others, often relating to the roles they portray. As I’ve said before, the sleeping humans are no different from the animals or any other beings who is not fully awakened. Because of their level of consciousness, they find ways to sterize what they might describe as being vulgar or obscene. The fact that sex and the energy thereof is the guiding force of their lives.

They want to believe that they are something greater than all of this, living by moral laws that they choose to live by which seems to separate them from the animals. They do all they can to feel greater than all other beings on this planet, Their lords and rulers who determine their fates in accordance to their will. In a way, they are playing “god” with life simply because this is the role that they have been taught to play.

Some even believe that they can become “god,” which is nothing more than the common desire of the sleeping human’s desire for power. Power of life. Power over the elements. Power over all that they fear.

It’s all so interesting that it’s all just roles they are playing. Simply characters playing out a story line that they believe is real. That it is their reality, yet it is no different than if they were watching a movie or reading a book, when it is over, they simply go on about their lives.

This is what consciousness does. When the story is over, the consciousness simply moves on. Consciousness isn’t individual. When we die our consciousness simply returns to the true owner, the universe. They universe will then again sort and dispense consciousness again into the manifestation of form, derived from nothing, to again portray another role, lost in the illusion, until again she finds herself again.