This Time We Call Life

Lately I’ve noticed that I have taken a great interest in the smallest of things. Maybe even more interest than in the largest of things.

I sit outside and a fly comes to fly about, the hovering type that moves about in quick movements only to hover in place for a time. I observe it noticing that it is conscious and aware, only a little different from how I’m conscious and aware.

A bee, or an insect similar to a bee, names don’t matter to me, might come along darting about, looking in the window of the door then around the deck as a whole. I sit still watching as it comes to observe me, often flying around my face and body.

I think of those I’ve known in the past who, when a bee comes around, they begin to swat and try to get away as if it is a great threat, only to cause the bee to become excited and, well, more likely to sting out of fear of the madness it is observing in the human who, if they would only sit still and observe the bee observing them, it would quietly go on about it’s way.

I see it in music, as I watch someone performing a song. I don’t wish to be them, wishing I had their great talent. I revel and enjoy in their expression knowing that I am the one performing this music as they are me and I am them.

Just as I am the fly and the bee. All of these smallest of things on the outside defining my self just from within my self, I am defining them. We are all one universal experience. I am a dancer, a singer, a musician. I am all the things I enjoy in this life, simply through observing my self in all that I see and experience around me. I am you and you are me. There is no division.

Division is simply an illusion just as ego is nothing more than an illusion. The belief that we are somehow separate, individual beings surviving against the odds of nature and all things that seem against us, including each other through expressions of opinions and thoughts that, in truth, are the same as our own, if only we are honest with ourselves.

Living to sterilize and sanitize life, even our thoughts, attempting to form some illusion that seems more appropriate and civilized, while seeking to deny truth in all it’s forms, which is only one, divided into as many segments as has been formed by the illusion of separateness and division humans have created for themselves as they live in the blindness to who they truly are, creating the suffering that they seem to enjoy as they feed on this suffering, both within themselves as well as within others, as if it is were the very food and essence of life itself, supporting and validating their egos as they judge others in accordance to the illusionary standards, seeking to make themselves feel better about themselves at the cost of others of whom they seek to degrade, only to find that, in reality, they are simply further degrading themselves and increasing their own suffering.

Basically, this is how karma works. A person’s karma is their own creation. They continually invest into the karma they receive. All because they praise the ego, their own individual accomplishments, while disregarding the accomplishments of others, unaware that each and every accomplishment is not their own but the accomplishment, not only of humans, but all of life.

The universe as a whole, which is the true nature of us all as we are the universe simply observing herself through this manifestation humans have defined as life. A life with a beginning and end where they can get lost in the illusion of this life, only to one day find themselves again and, by doing so, the universe finds herself again only to again hide herself and the joyous celebration of existence continues, expanding and contracting through darkness and light of which exists and doesn’t exist at the same time. An image of a perspective related from the nothingness creating something to observe. The true observer being the universe. The universe being us.

It’s all so fascinating. I wish they could all see the beauty I see in them. I tell them at times but I don’t think they believe me. How could they believe me? They are still lost in the illusion. This leaves me with only one thing to do. To simply enjoy and revel in their beauty, knowing that they are my beauty and that I am their beauty. This is the beauty. The beauty I’ve been “blessed” to see and experience in this time we call life.