A Few of Many Things

It’s a beautiful morning today. Slightly cool with abundant sunshine. I’m sure it will warm up a bit more as the day progresses.

It’s nice to get off work early today. They didn’t ask me to stay longer and I was happy to not stay. In fact, I would have turned them down. It’s my last week of working back to back shifts so I’m going to coast through the week.

I really wanted to write yesterday but it was my late shift evening going into my early shift so every minute is precious to simply eating dinner and unwinding a little bit before going to bed.

I really enjoy these periods of expansion as so much is going on. I can’t say that I can cover everything but I will try. Well, thinking about my last post, it’s really up to what my heart desires to express.

This was one of my thoughts. I was thinking about that post and how I had no intention of how it turned out. I was simply writing about my observations as I walked to the grocery store. Yet, in the end, all the interactions with the animals became a metaphor for humans. Really, it isn’t a metaphor because humans really aren’t all that different from the animals and birds, though they think that they are.

I learned a lot from that writing and thus, this is why I write because it’s not only where I release my thoughts and feelings, as well as bringing to life the things that I experience within me. It is also where my heart brings them all together and shows me even deeper aspects of it all.

Yesterday a goose landed on the peak of a rooftop across the way. It was near sunset. It began honking. I went outside to observe the goose. The first thing that came to my mind is that he is calling to his mate. As I watched the goose was honking and looking in every direction. Then he went up to a higher point and looked in a different direction while honking.

This happens every few days. It always happens just before sunset.

As I looked deeply at the goose, so beautiful standing up there, I was experiencing the concern of the goose. I could see that the goose was consciously thinking. Not in human words. But in human words it might be things like, “Where is she? It’s getting dark. She needs to be here with me. I hope she is okay.”

It’s always so amazing when the mate flies over, causing the goose on the roof to become even more excited, honking even more, which causes the goose in the air to honk back. After the goose in the air passes over, the goose on the rooftop, now sure of the direction the goose in the air is doing, takes flight to meet up with his mate.

I thought about how this is the misconception that most people have about animals. Some say they are not consciously aware. Others say that animals and birds don’t have a soul, which is really conscious awareness or the being within the physical body. But they do.

The universe is consciousness. Universal consciousness. Animals and birds might have a more simple consciousness but they are consciously aware and they do think. Humans are very egocentric and they believe that anything that is not like them is different from them, unable to see the similarities which are very much the very essence of the being within them. The higher self or consciously aware being within them that is both participating in this life as well as observing this life. Experiencing the feelings, such as the concern for a mate or the fear that the mate has been hurt in some way.

This caused me to think if geese mate for life. So I looked it up. I found it interesting that they are actually used as a metaphor in stories for they great loyalty to their mates for life. When a mate dies, they have observed that they express great sadness. They grieve. After a time they will mate again.

This illusion that humans create that they are the only beings on this planet with a soul, or conscious awareness is based on simply observing life based solely on the physical. Most humans can’t see beyond the physical. Many of them want to. They go to church hoping to experience something beyond the physical, but most never do. They continue to observe life solely by it’s physical appearance and this appearance to them expresses that they are higher and greater than all other life on this Earth. That they are the only beings with a soul.

I could see this misconception occurring even in their own observations of other humans. Such as with women. Women often look cute and delicate. They even go to great lengths to look cute and adorable, going as far as to make it part of their personality.

Men see this and see them as vulnerable beings that are in need of their masculine guidance. This cuteness is both attractive to them and their desire to dominate as well as causing them to view women as less than themselves, in need of the man to protect and guide them.

Strangely women play into this. But this is their only power over the masculine. Basically, it is the power of seduction.

One can see it in women all the time. Such as watching young teenage women wearing rather revealing clothing, doing about being cute and flirting. Basically they are coming to understand the power of possessing the flower has over men. Men will treat them good, buy them things and give them attention. This is as long as they are able to maintain control over who they allow to penetrate their flower.

When they do this and come upon the wrong man, this man might desire to take it. To overpower the female power over them. They express their beauty so openly and expect great rewards for their expression, why not just take it for themselves without having to give the woman any rewards.

This is why sexual violence is seen more as power rather than desire. The man seeks to take away the power the woman has over men and simply take it, showing they are more powerful over the woman.

All of this is misconception simply because, within the cuteness of the woman is an intelligent being. A being that is not always expressed by the woman because intelligence is not something that will give them the attention they desire.

It is easier to simply act stupid, vulnerable and cute so that men will give them easy attention and thus, give them what they want, both attention and material gain, as well as a sense of power over the man, enjoying the jealously that men over express once they have possessed them, desiring no other man touch the woman they have possessed. This too is power over the man but, just as in coming upon the wrong man while being cute and flirting, this too can backfire on them, causing the man to become violent in their desire to possess them as their own.

You see, all of this could be seen as ego. Ego on the part of the woman and ego on the part of the man. All based on filling desires. Not seeking love but seeking to control and have power over the other. Some say it’s the sort of push and pull that is the relationship between men and women. A sort of dance that is not based on love at all but purely based on the animal or ego within the humans.

This morning I woke up and turned on YouTube to see if any videos stood out. The second one on my recommended was one of Alan Watts. I don’t watch all of them when they come up. This one caught my attention and I felt compelled to watch it.

It was about ego. He pointed out that those who become awakened and begin to preach to others to seek to get rid of their ego are doing so out of their own ego. He then said bluntly, “There is no ego. The ego doesn’t exist. It is an illusion.”

When I first heard this it almost seemed that he was contradicting his other thoughts. I listened on and realized that what he was saying was much of what my heart has been teaching me throughout this journey.

Even just the other day, when I wrote about how the turmoil that precedes expansion is often caused by great awareness’ of my self. Basically, of my ego. I talked about how it is much like ripping tar off of my skin as it is going deeper and deeper within me to bring these things out. I then said that once I view these awareness’, at first they are hard to look at. Then, over time, I realize that they are just an illusion as they pass from me.

Yes, the ego doesn’t exist. It’s simply an illusion. An illusion that does have to be drawn out from within. It is within and it seems to be our being.

He went on to say that many religions claim that spiritual awakening or enlightenment comes only from the divine. One can’t make it happen for themselves.

He agreed with this statement saying that one isn’t awakened by any method. It just happens. Well, again I can say this is true. When I was awakened it happened overnight. One day I was in one state and the next I was in a different state. A state that ever since has been simply my heart teaching me about this state of being and deepening this state of being. A state of being that has been with me throughout my life though I mostly fought against it, causing me to experience great suffering.

He said that there is no method to becoming awakened because we ourselves don’t have the power to become awakened. Nor do we have the power, once awakened, to go back. This rang true to me because many times I’ve often said that I don’t want this. I just want to be blind and live as others do, mostly because of the seeming loneliness that this sort of life brings. A loneliness that is too just an illusion.

As my heart has taught me over and over throughout this process, there is nothing I can do to help or save humanity. Yes, when one is awakened, the first thing they want to do is awaken others. My heart made it clear that there was nothing I could go in this way for others.

She has also taught me over and over again that nothing is out of place in this life. Nothing is wrong. Everything is playing out just as it should. I’ve often described this as humans are programmed to be who they are and do what they do. Not so much the things they have a power of choice over but within their core. Those that are blind and living in darkness are meant to live in this dark ignorance. They are supposed to as animals with a greater conscious awareness that other beings on the Earth.

They are meant to consume themselves into self destruction, just as other feral animals will destroy the environment that they invade. Their destruction doesn’t destroy life but changes life. New life evolves from their destruction. It only seems, to human perception, to be a bad thing as it changes the landscape from what they are accustomed to. They can’t see the larger picture they only see that this animal or insect is altering the landscape and needs to be stopped.

They can’t see that they are just as these other feral beings, changing and altering the landscape to the point where one day they will destroy themselves, causing a natural reduction in their population and, from this, new life will evolve, both in the landscape around them as well as within humanity itself.

So, I had to ask my heart, “What is the point of my being able to see all of this and more? To be awakened if there is nothing I can do to change anything and help or save humanity?”

Well, this is the ironic part. She doesn’t answer. She doesn’t answer because, just as their is no method to becoming awakened, what is happening to me and to others is nothing more than a natural process. In higher consciousness there is no why or how things happen. One is able to simply see the process of a life that exists without reason or purpose.

It simply exists because it exists, just as human exist simply because they exist. It is at this point, when a human becomes aware of this, that they can actually live with a sense of peace, knowing the truth of their existence. That there is no beginning nor is there an end. This simple physical life is nothing more than a manifestion or expression of consciousness, much like the painting of an artist, which is not an image of reality but only an expression of life through their conscious perspective.

Well, this covered some of the things that have been happening lately, but certainly not all of them.

I do have to include something more simple within this writing. About a week ago, while I was going through the turmoil, I came to the straw that broke the camel’s back, which pushed me over the edge and thus, into the expansion.

It was simply the fact that the lever in my bathtub that turns on the shower stuck and I couldn’t pull it up no matter how much I tried, causing me to have to take baths. Well, the other day I was preparing to take a bath. I turned on the water and was reaching to the lever that blocks the water from going down the drain. As I did, I thought about pulling the lever that turns on the shower. When I did, the lever came up and the shower turned on.

Before it was truly stuck. I even tried to unstick it with pliers for leverage and it wouldn’t budge. Things like this have happened in my life so many times. It is what caused me to think about pulling up the lever, just to see if had happened again. A certain catalyst that pushed me over the edge that, once it fulfilled what was needed, goes back to working normally again.