A Cold, Cloudy Day

Today it’s a cold, cloudy day. Yesterday it rained all day. In the morning I rode my bike in the rain and I rode home after work in the rain. It’s hard to believe that it will be in the mid to high 80s F. this weekend. Then another storm is forecast for Monday. That’s fine with me because it holds back the heat for a little while longer. Eventually the heat is going to break through and it will just be hot, day after day after day.

Today I truly experienced living in the moment. I was supposed to get my Covid vaccination today. The past couple of days I’ve been doing a lot of research on the vaccine. I listened to and read both sides of the subject.

By this morning I came to a point where I asked myself a question. Will I regret getting the vaccine or not getting it? I couldn’t answer it either way, so I decided to wait until I could answer this question.

As usual, they added hours to my work week today. They start me out with 20 hours and then later tell me to work a full week. Since I wasn’t going to get the vaccine I didn’t mind today.

Even though I’m only scheduled a few hours, I still take a lunch with me just in case. It was good that I did today. I went to lunch, filled my cup with water, put out my peanut butter and honey sandwich along with my bag of trail mix and started playing the game on my phone, just as I do most everyday.

I’ve noticed that I no longer observe other people. In fact, I don’t even notice them at times. I just go into my little world and disappear for a little while. In fact, I’m pretty much there all the time now. Now that I no longer try to be normal, I just let myself be abnormal.

I’ve really come to embrace being who I am. The fact that I don’t really communicate all that well, which has gotten worse since I’ve just let myself be. How I sometimes don’t compute things that people say to me the first time and I have to ask questions to get it to process in my brain, even simple things. I really don’t mind it at all. In a way, I just wander through life now and it isn’t as exhausting as it used to be in that way.

Well, I finished my sandwich and trail mix when suddenly my heart spoke. She said that I need to go and tell the manager that I need to leave early so I can go get the vaccine. From that point I didn’t question it again. I simply got up and went to tell him.

I learned that the pharmacy in my store is offering the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. I went over to see if I could get one but I had to schedule an appointment. I already had an appointment for the Moderna vaccine, which is really what I wanted anyway with all the issues with the other.

Even the young woman at the pharmacy didn’t seem to enthusiastic about it. “It’s the one they had all the problems with.” she said. I said I already had an appointment for the Moderna and she said I should go with that.

After going through the initial process of checking in, it was pretty much eventless. I sat down, they asked me my birthdate several times and confirmed twice which arm I wanted it in and then they stuck me and it was over. They asked me to walk around the store for about 15 minutes in case I have any problems. I did and nothing happened.

So the first dose is done, we will see if I survive the night.

They scheduled the second dose nearly a month out. I don’t mind. It will give this one time to get settled as it’s the second one where they say people experience the most side effects.

I can’t say that I feel any different. Nothing more than the flu shot. We will see how I feel in the morning. It did feel different going in though, a sort of tingling feeling at the site, which I don’t get with the flu shot. But it went away. It does have a sort of slight burning feeling now in my arm at the site. Though when I touch it I don’t feel anything different.

I walked to the pharmacy enjoying the music of Agnes Obel and I did the same walking home. I was able to pick up a few things I needed while I was there, some of the things that I forgot to pick up at the store over the weekend. They cost much less there. Maybe I should do my shopping there for other things because everything is getting rather expensive now.