A Cloudy Day

It’s cloudy today. It’s expected to rain later today and for the next couple of days, with the temperature going down quite a bit. I don’t mind. It keeps the heat from coming in too soon.

It was an early day for me today. I figured I would sit down and again write about nothing as I did yesterday as nothing is really happening. I don’t mind. I actually prefer it when nothing is happening.

I did have a low functioning day today. Not so much in energy, though I began to feel tired toward the end of my work shift. It was more what one person on a video about autism said, that there are high functioning days and low functioning days. I was a bit more obsessive today and desiring control at work.

I think it is more that soon the department will be in my name so I focus a bit more on it now, expecting it to be in the best shape possible. I finally finished cleaning up the mess I had been left after the weekend. It looks pretty good now. I’m off tomorrow for a rare mid week day off. This is because they have an additional truck coming in on Saturday so I have to work Saturday. It is a challenge to stock the shelves on a busy Saturday but it’s how they have it scheduled.

I’m having trouble settling in for a day off as I would usually be expecting to go to work again tomorrow. I came home and turned on the regular Tennis Channel to see that women’s tennis was on. Since I’m home early I thought I would look at other matches on Plus, now that I have it. I found the same match on Plus so I decided to turn to that channel. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I can watch live tennis with no commercials also. This took away any guilt I might have been feeling about getting TCPlus. I’m in tennis heaven and it’s well worth it.

Android on my phone updated today. I read the update information before letting it install. It seems to be a major change and they said it will make everything better. I don’t see much different yet other than changing the color of the time on the page, which I don’t necessarily care much for. I guess it did other things, things I probably won’t notice as I’m not a heavy user. Or I will come upon them later as I try to do something and it is now done differently. Or it will change some settings or something, making me have to go back and change them again.

I had to wonder if how I’m feeling today has anything to do with not having my cup of Kava yesterday. I decided to go without yesterday. Kava really keeps me mellow. Keeps my mind from running on. I had a cup when I got home today. It really is an interesting drink.

I used to take Kava extract and it never affected me like how the drink affects me. Extract is supposed to be stronger but the drink seems stronger and more dynamic in it’s effects, even though it supposedly doesn’t have the high amount of kavalactones that they extract supposedly has. It’s definitely become my glass of wine or bottle of beer when I come home with much more pleasant or desirable effects that seem to continue into the next day with a nice mellowness.

It will definitely cause me to take a nap later but the initial effects are somewhat energizing with a little euphoria. They say the different Kava has different effects. I have no desire to try others as this one does exactly what I like, relaxes me. Puts me in a mellow place. I guess some can be more energizing, which isn’t what I’m seeking.

It’s funny that, after I drink it, I’m fine until I get something to eat, especially something high in protein. It’s then that I will definitely take a nap, whether I want to or not. I will just go out while sitting down a little after eating.

Something I learned with making Kava is to not throw out the used crushed root but to save it in a container and place the container in the refrigerator. After a few times then I can use it again and it works just fine. I ran out of Kava a little while ago and, while waiting for more to arrive, I simply used the “used” Kava and it worked just fine. I’ve tried using it one more time but by that time it’s pretty well used up.

It is rather expensive now. Some say it’s because of the hurricanes, or cyclones, that affected the islands last year. It takes a while to grow good Kava.

And so tennis just continues on to another match with no commercials. This is truly a great luxury for me. It will be wonderful when the French Open comes along and all those matches being played at the same time early in the tournament. I get to watch all lesser players that I never get to see because they never make the regular channel unless they make it into the quarters finals or something.

I was able to enjoy some matches of Alize Cornet and also Camila Georgi, both rarely make it on the regular channel as they don’t often get far in tournaments but they are a joy to watch play, at least for me.

I haven’t really looked that news today and their hasn’t been any breaking news notifications so I don’t really know what’s going on in the insanity of the world today. I did see on BBC that Biden is planning to remove the troops by September 11. We will see of that actually happens. I’m sure something will happen to cause them to have to keep the troops there.

Or they will just keep contractors there to fight while bringing home the official troops, since contractors are used more than the official troops. I guess you could call them mercenaries more than contractors, but as with most things today, they simply change the name of things to make them sound more acceptable. I’ve heard that if they did pull out that they would still have open contracts with contractors and would have to pay them for nothing. Maybe that’s why Biden extended the stay from what was supposed to be May, from what Trump was seeking to do.

Well, I’ve gone on about nothing again. But I can only write what I know and right now I know nothing.