A Little Bit About Nothing

It’s another nice Spring day. A bit on the cool side but clear and sunny.

It was a busy day at work, as it usually is on Monday, coming back to clean up all that was or wasn’t done over the weekend.

I finally broke down and got Tennis Channel Plus. Now I can watch the tennis matches that I want to watch. I had to spend about an hour putting in coupon codes until I found one that worked, giving me 20% off for an annual subscription. No commercials for the On Demand matches and I can watch the matches I want live. It will be good when the French Open comes in May.

I felt sort of guilty at first for doing it. I could have used the money to further pay down my debts. But I feel sort of like royalty having it, it’s that much of a luxury for me. It’s only $7.25 a month but I had to pay for the whole year at once. I know I’ll put it to use. It’s great in the mornings when I’m getting ready for work. I can simply find any match I want to watch and let it run while I’m getting ready. I’m thinking of watching some older matches where there were fans in the stadiums, just to remember what it was like at one time.

I woke up this morning to see a notification on my phone telling that there had been another violent protest in Minnesota because a police officer shot another black man.

Later I saw that there was a shooting in a Tennessee high school, where several people were shot, including a police officer.

When I got home I saw a video about how the killing of one of the Antifa leaders by police could have been a literal assassination orchestrated or motivated by Trump. They are investigating it.

Such a strange country the US has become. It was never like this when I was growing up here. I saw that there has been several police involved shootings here in the state where I live, some officers being shot and officers shooting others. It’s all becoming commonplace here. It has all increased since Biden took office.

Of course there are all the attacks on Asian people. They are out protesting also for more protection I guess.

All of this is nothing new to the US, it’s just happening more and more now.

I’ve been feeling about the same as I have been feeling. Just going along with it as life happens. I am surprised at just how much I do stay in the moment, with brief looks at the past here and there but those looks are more related to new things I learn about myself. Such as looking back at things in relation to being high functioning autistic, which still blows my mind.

I wrote my sister and told her about it. I have no idea how she will take it. She doesn’t understand such things very well. It will give her something more to gossip about with others in the family. It was just in the moment when I decided to write and let her know.

I’ve been watching for vaccinations to come into my local area. I don’t have any desire to get on a bus to get a vaccination. I figure they will one day start coming to local pharmacies.

Well, I had the opportunity to schedule a vaccination but for some reason, as I was filling everything out and setting a time, I felt it was wrong. I found it interesting that the next day I saw in the headlines of several news outlets that there are finding more and more side effects happening with the vaccine. I don’t know. Maybe I will get it. As I said before, I would decide in the moment and it seems that decision right now is “No.”

I’ve heard others talking at work and some of them aren’t going to get it either, while others have already gotten the vaccination. I guess the company is actually paying people to get it.

It’s funny because, as I was writing this I received a notification from my doctor that I’m eligible to get a vaccination. In order to do it I would have to go about 10 miles because their not doing them at the clinic I go to. They go give a choice of which vaccine which is different than most. Yet they are doing each one at different places.

It’s all so interesting overall. This virus in general. Most people have gotten used to it. I remember when getting people to wear masks was like pulling teeth. Now that the mask mandate has ended in this state, most people continue wearing them, though I see a few rebels entering stores without them, even though the stores still require them. I know this was a concern at the store where I work, having to deal with people who don’t want to wear them. I haven’t seen many rebels there yet.

I’m glad that tennis continues within the pandemic. In some ways I enjoy not having the loud crowds there. It makes it a little more intimate, though the crowds are fun also as they can get the players going at times.

Well, I said I was going to go back to writing regularly so that I can keep things circulating within me. It seems I have little to write about today overall but I did write. Tomorrow is my early day at work so it’s a quick turnaround form my later day today to my early day tomorrow.

I did mention it to my immediate manager, taking him up on his offer to change my schedule. I think it would be nice to be on a more steady schedule. Maybe it would help my sleep, rather than going back and forth and often getting little sleep overall until the weekend, though I would have to give up my weekends, yet I will still get two days off in a row.

This is my little bit about nothing.