Simple Observations

It was a very warm day today, nearly 80 degrees F. This morning when I went to work it was in the mid 40s and when I came out it was bordering on hot. Will it be another year without an actual Spring? According to the forecast it will settle back down into the mid 60s after a couple of warmer days.

It’s Friday. I can rest now. Another busy week as it was Easter week and also Spring break so the kids were out in force destroying everything they touched while their parents blindly allowed it to happen, not even cleaning up after their children. Such is the American way. They always believe that others will clean up after them. In some ways, it truly reveals the animal within them, unable to climb up into the realm of becoming aware of their own conscious awareness and touch their higher selves.

Things have settled down for me. The new realization of having high functioning autism as calmed down and I’m settling into it. I can truly see how I am becoming much more natural to who I am now, relieved of the constant burden of trying to be normal or fit in some way.

It makes my work more enjoyable. I don’t work so much out of desperation as I once did, concerned about losing my job and feeling that I had to do something each day to protect it in some way. I just do my job. I don’t feel that I have to communicate with all people in some way, to be overly courteous in any way. In fact, I use my ability of intense focus and often don’t even notice people around me anymore, unless they come to me and talk with me. I see them but they are just objects moving about around me.

Much like how seeing them as feral animals has allowed me to see humans in their raw form, without illusion. Like when I see a woman who fits the current standard of beauty. All I see is a feral animal who is portraying the illusion of beauty so as to get attention.

Other women see how much attention she is getting and they want attention also, so they starve themselves and workout as hard as they can so they too can be thin as a pencil, portraying a thin hourglass figure, focusing on the prominance of their breasts and the shapliness of their butts to reveal as sense of health and vibrance, thus capturing the attention of others as being a healthy and vibrant person.

It is interesting how my heart as worked with me over the past few weeks, revealing things one by one, seemingly sequential to the next. Focusing on staying in the present, then seeing humans in their true form as they live without awareness of their conscious awareness, and then revealing the true nature of my physical differences from most others.

It’s interesting that most of the videos of seen on autism have nearly 1 million views. So it must not be all that uncommon, only misunderstood.

I actually find myself embracing these qualities and finding that, as I feel more free, they will benefit me more than all the years I have lived fighting against them and trying to seem normal to other people. It’s interesting how comfortable I am now in life. Knowing that my heart will and has always been protecting me, I needn’t feel that I need to be on guard because I can’t read people. I don’t even try anymore. I simply observe the world around, the strange behavior of these humans as they go about seeking attention through performing within the illusion of status and gain.

As I showed in my little example of how some other women might see a “beautiful” woman getting all the attention and they too want attention so they go out and seek to look like that woman. This is nothing more than how the disease is spread. Spread in so many ways. Such as seeing a wealthy man on TV, getting all the women and attention so some other men might see this and so they try to make a life like that other man, to have his status in life. The “good” life as they might call it.

I have no problem and being able to observe these things without feeling any interest in them at all, which is another quality of autism. I look at the news headlines and feel no connection to them at all. I saw that a man ran over some people at the Capital. I thought of how many people, when they heard of it, probably gasped.

I simply looked at the headlines with no surprise. It’s just another act in the performance within the illusion brought forth by the society of which so many people dedicate themselves to serving, believing for some reason that this society is the greatest society on Earth today as well as throughout history in general. Such great blindness the illusion has given them. But that’s the point of illusion, to blind people to reality.

I found it interesting that this incident was the only incident on the breaking news section of YouTube. Did nothing else happen in the world?

I am really finding that I’m actually enjoying life now, and it’s all just begun. I really don’t think much about anything going on in the world or around me, or my own circumstances. I’m just here in the moment living my life, when I have to act I act in the moment of which the act is necessary, until then I don’t really think about it at all.

I look up into the sky and see the universe though the firmament above, the stars like pin holes in black paper, behind it a great light beaming. I only get to view a few of the billions of stars in the sky because of the city lights which obscure them from view, but I know that they are there because I have seen them before.

I enjoy watching the geese fly overheard, honking as they go. Or when one is on the ground and some friends pass overhead, the one on the ground honks and then those flying overhead honk.

Even sitting and listening the the cars constantly moving upon the human made arteries that flow like branches of weeds throughout the Earth, all connected to the main weeds of the cities of which so many of them dwell. I like to look from above the Earth and see that the feral animals have relatively left very little of the Earth untouched, thus revealing their nature in fact as being feral animals, overtaking all other life so as to feed their own selves, nurtured by their egos, they constantly feed and consume like ravenous locust through a field.

Well, those are my observations today.