The Center of the Universe

It was a nice, warm weekend but the weather has changed to much cooler today which goes against the forecast a week ago which promised warmer weather this week. They are now promising it later this week, which might mean another warm weekend to enjoy.

I haven’t much time today but I felt like writing. It’s day of working the later shift then turning over to the early shift tomorrow. I’ve been given more hours so that is nice, though it means a shorter time before having to go to bed to wake up very early tomorrow.

Today I watched a video answering the question of a person might be autistic or being on the autistic spectrum. I wasn’t surprised that I relate to everything that he pointed out. I’ve often thought that I am on the spectrum.

One of his examples was in feeling different. Not just different but feeling like an alien in this life. Well, I’ve felt that way all of my life.

Another was about not being able to truly socialize with other people. Where when I might say something others find it to be strange. Well, I’ve silenced a room before by making one simply comment that I found to be nothing myself.

I thought about what I wrote last weekend about humans being feral animals. For most humans this is a strange way of viewing humans. Humans are supposed to be greater than the other animals. Then to describe it in the sense that physically humans are native to the Earth, it is only their consciousness that causes them to become feral. The only reason for this is because they have consciousness but they are unaware of their own consciousness. They are still living as animals yet they have the ability to reason and solve problems.

Well, what’s around us today is what this has all created. There ability to reason and solve problems yet only creating greater problems because their are no controls or management to their ability. A management that could come from within them if they were aware of their own consciousness. Instead they do require some sense of outside management simply because they live by the primitive ego not through their hearts.

This alone depicts how I see the world very different from most other humans. Yet not different from all humans.

As I thought more about the autistic thing, to me it is nothing more than a label. It’s much like how I don’t care much for labels for sexual orientation. Such as gay, lesbian, and especially queer. It surprises me that many people of these orientations accept these labels. It allows them to form a sort of tribal community of like people to feel some sense of support. Yet all of it is based on labels.

I can understand the description of being androgenous, which is more a description than a label. To be male and female. Yet I believe this is a term that describes most people, just to varying degrees. Most of it is based on the need of some people to be accepted by the standards that the society gives them. Men can’t cry has always been a standard of what defines a true man. A man that cries isn’t a true man. So men repress their feelings and thus cause themselves greater pain through having to live through a mask of who they truly are.

It is the same with many men being able to admit that they have a feminine side. For some this is a great insult. Just as it is a great insult to many humans to call them feral animals. The insult comes the fact that they can’t view themselves as they truly are. They live a pretend life based on images that they feel they must live up and express to the world in order to be defined as they believe they should be defined. And then people wonder why they feel so much anger and even hatred torward people who are different from them. They can’t accept themselves and so they take out the pain on other people who depict the things that they fear or are hiding within themselves.

Well, that’s about it for today. I have to say that viewing humanity as feral animals has made it much easier for me to simply accept them as they are. And to know that nothing is wrong in the world. Nothing is out of place. It is all happening within a very natural process. All of this helps me so much to just go about living within the human fantasy that they have created where they are invading the entirety of the world for their own use to consume it for their own desires.

It is so interesting that at one time humans thought they were the center of the universe, that all objects in the universe revolved around the Earth. That the universe was created solely for them.

As these illusions came to an end, it’s interesting that you can still see this same thing in them as they still believe all of life and all the Earth is here solely for their use and exploitation. Well, a feral animal without conscious awarness would simply go about doing what they are doing without thought. Humans, on the other hand, think about and even take joy and pleasure in what they are doing as they seek to satiate their insatiable egos. Their primitive selves.

All the while unable to see that all that they desire is their in the reach of their hands, if only they were able to see themselves as nothing special in the universe but to see themselves as they truly are, as the universe. Just like every plant, insect, animal, fish and every other lifeform is the universe. But they can’t. The still see themselves as the center of the universe simply because they aren’t aware of their own conscious awareness.