The Universal Plan

It rained all day. At least that is what it looked like when I rode home on wet roads. It was wet when I rode into to work this morning but no rain at the time. When I left work the sun was peaking through the clouds and lighting up the place yet dark clouds still surrounded and filled the rest of the sky. It wasn’t cold but felt more like a Spring storm. It’s the last storm before the warm up beginning tomorrow, though it seems it will still be somewhat of a rollercoaster in temperatures, just not as drastic as it has been.

Today something broke within me. It was as good break. It helped me to understand why I had been feeling the way I have been the last few weeks. I could see why when I would listen to some deep philosophy like from Alan Watts or Eckhart Tolle that it would cause me to feel agitated and even affect my sleep.

Though in the beginning, a few weeks ago, I listened to both of them a lot. Filled my mind with their teachings. It wasn’t until about a week ago that it began to agitate me.

I really don’t need their teachings as my heart has already taught me these things. It was more like they were leading me through the gate to where I’m supposed to be. Yet I was still fighting against it. Not willing to truly let go.

It wasn’t until I stopped listening to them that I stopped fighting but I noticed I went into a rather somber state of being. My emotions a bit out of sorts. The last few days I noticed I was feeling some anger. This began when I saw the video of the stereotypes of Americans by some Dutch people. It’s funny how all these seemingly little and even insiginficant things can be very significant. The fact that this video came up and I watched it, causing me to feel the way I did, which was guiding me to new feelings.

Today I was tired from working so hard this week and I was also very angry. I had to control it but I could see I wasn’t controlling it perfectly as I would be short with some people. Then, a few hours later, it seemed to break and I felt sort of numb. About an hour later I actually felt a sort of laughter coming from within me, as if it was all releasing.

I looked around at all the people looking at things and filling their carts with needless and meaningless things and all the little thoughts I had been having all week came together.

I had been grieving. I literally went through all the stages of grieving. I was letting go and it hurt at times. Now I looked around at the people and I could see them for who they are. Human animals. Feral animals on this planet. Not feral physically. They are all native to this planet biologically. They only became feral when they became conscious. This was the great change that happened and, in a way, it was a mistake, though there are no mistakes in the universe.

It was the first step in causing the Earth to become out of balance. At first the humans were managed by the beings they referred to as “gods.” They same “gods” that gave them rules and laws, like through the bible, to adhere to. The manages the humans, even their population.

Now those “gods” are gone. Possibly they destroyed themselves in a great war that started here many thousands of years ago. Maybe they are a divided civilization now, some living on other planets away from the others, maybe planning some great attack on the others.

The fact is, they are no longer here and humans, a feral animal, are no longer managed and therefore are running out of control, just as any feral animals does. They come to the new land and they eat all the plants or the animals that the native species eat, leaving them none and basically left to die. The feral animals, having no predators, therefore begin to over populate the land.

You can’t deny that this is what happened with humanity. Just look around. Even the pride that many humans have in consuming and destroying the Earth, believing that there will always be enough for them to consume more and more, basically because they haven’t been awakened so as to become conscious of their own conscious awareness, thus they are running amok as feral animals, not striving to become of higher consciousness.

It is fascinating to see this. I look around at the people and I can remember all that my heart showed me during the journey. The great beauty of human conscious potential. Yet now I simply see the feral animals consuming at an even more rapid rate, seemingly unafraid so their own self destruction through over consumption while, at the same time, living each day in fear of death as they have lost their connection to the universe, which is infinite.

They are seemingly all alone now, unmanaged. Yet, as I saw in the movie, “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind,” which depicted other civilizations throughout the galaxy who are of a higher consciousness, who live millions of light years away but, though consciousness, can visit here in a matter of seconds. These are the close encounters with “aliens” that people have been having today and throughout recent history, maybe 500 years or so.

Those who my heart told me were like caretakers of the life in the universe. Not necessarily interferring with other species but more cleaning up the messes they make. Such as awakening us, or at least some of us.

I find it interesting that those teachers, such as Eckhart Tolle, though they teach in a positive way, within their words you can see that they are saying that this awakening does bring about a sort of destruction, though they don’t focus on it. They are focused on the awakening itself, not on the results that will come from it.

Yes, the awakening is a beautiful thing but it does require the destruction of the old, or the “feral” animal. It’s goal, as with nature, is to bring balance and harmony back to the Earth. Doing this will cause destruction, at least in human terms.

What I found interesting is, as I was looking at this, I could see that humans today, mostly the blind ones who are hell bent on consuming and living this meaningless life they have created for themselves, are actually programmed to self destruct. It is all natural. Nature always has fail safes, even for “mistakes.” Nature will always bring about balance and harmony. Nature isn’t on a time frame so it is patient. Nature is the universe and the universe is infintite, without time. So it is very patient. Yet it will fulfill this purpose.

Just as the universe, through awakening, teaches is to live without time. To simply allow things to happen in their own time. Just focus on one thing until it is completed which will then open up other things, things we could never plan for but are the natural response to what we created through focusing on simply one thing.

Like building a brick or stone house. You must focus on each stone, making sure it is set correctly. Then you move on to the next stone. If you focus on each stone and the setting of that stone, once the house is built, in it’s own time, it will be a sturdy house because each stone will have been focused on and given your full attention.

This is why living in the moment is so important. Focusing on each moment as it comes about, giving it your full attention. Then letting it go to be filled with the next moment, not looking back nor looking forward to the what you might believe is the finished product or the end result.

It is interesting. We, once hominids, then artificially given conscious awareness, for the use of another species, then left to our own devices without any management or guidance, yet filled with all the universe has to teach us because we are not only the universe but we are of the conscious universe.

We can have all that the universe offers through being the universe. Yet humans continue to live separate from the universe, therefore divided within themselves. Seeking out physical things to bring them a sense of joy and even seeking love from these things. This includes their desires to be with other people in what they have defined in their own way as being “love.” A love that is finite in a universe that is filled to the brim with infinite, unconditional love. Yet this is all the unaware humans know, the finite. Just their simple existence between birth and death. They can’t see beyond.

Seeing beyond is not looking into the future. To see beyond you must be able to see into the moment that is infinite. There is no other time than this very moment. A moment that is infinite.

Well, it was interesting to see how that video about the Dutch stereotypes of the Americans got to me. I could see why it was that throughout my life I have said that I don’t claim humanity. Well, what I was actually saying is that I don’t claim American life. I don’t claim this society, this way of life because this was the only way of life that I knew and therefore the only thing I could relate to humanity as a whole.

Yet it is throughout humanity as a whole, as one can see in many other countries where people are doing the same things, only in different ways. The US is the true “evil” within it all though. They are the one society that will be truly destroyed in the awakening. It is sad to think that these people here believe that they way of life is the greatest way of life and that all people in the world should accept their way of life, yet it is a way of life that is very, very self destructive. Yet, it was meant to be this way.

This was what I was also having some trouble accepting. That is is more than their just being blind, it’s because they are programmed to do this, by the very universe. They are to bring about their own destruction so as to help the universe bring about balance and harmony again. In a way, humans here are both the virus and the antivirus. They will consume up everything they can, destroy all they can, until they, well, eat themselves up and then, well, balance and harmony can then return to the Earth and for those humans who survive to enjoy this time.

So nothing is out of place. Nothing is wrong. It’s all part of the plan. Not so much a conspiratal plan but a natural process, of which humans are participating in bringing about the balance and harmony they themselves have destroyed upon the Earth.