To See the Colors

The day has been pleasant. The wind has continued to blow. It seems it will continues through tomorrow. The temperature has been very comfortable where I could keep the windows and doors open all day.

I came home from the store earlier and wrote my previous post. After an hour or so, I had a craving for a sandwich. Not just any sandwich and not one made for me. I wanted to make my own sandwich.

I had lettuce, tomato and swiss cheese in the refrigerator but I needed some sort of deli meat and bread or a roll to make the sandwich on.

So I again went out for another walk to the more local grocery store. I saw a small group of people with their bikes, a man and two women. They had a child in one of those covered bike trailers.

They were parked across the sidewalk on the other side of a small bridge that passes over a small little stream.

I thought of how I would have felt about this in the past. How I would have been irritated at the fact that they are blocking the path for me to walk freely and now I would have to walk around them.

I didn’t feel this way today. I just walked up to them, onto the grass around them. The man ask, “How ya doin’?” I said, “I’m good. How you doin’?”
He repied, “I’m good.” To which I said, “Right on.” and walked on.

I came to the exit of the apartment complex and I heard voices behind me. It was the people on their bikes now in motion. The man was out on his own while what seemed to be his wife was pulling the trailer with the child in it. Another woman, maybe a friend or relative, rode behind the woman with the trailer.

They passed me and the man rode on to the road ahead. The women followed along, struggling up the small hill. They got to the top and stopped on the sidewalk, again blocking my path. They were tired already from the ride up the hill. The woman who as following almost fell over on her bike, not from being tired but, as she put it, “It’s been a while since I’ve rode a bike.”

I again walked out onto the grass and around them. I knew they would be needing the sidewalk so I stayed on the grass but after I was down the way a bit and they still hadn’t passed, I walked back onto the sidewalk.

The man was out on the street, standing with his bike waiting for them. He said, “It’s such a beautiful day to be out.” I replied, “Yes it is. Very beautiful.” He said, “That cabin fever was really getting to me.” I nodded and waved back to him as I passed.

I heard them starting to move again so I moved back onto the grass to allow them to pass. I watched them pass, the man now joining again with them and they turned into a parking lot and this time were able to go down a small hill with the child saying, “Don’t go to fast.” To which the man said, “No. Were gonna go Mach 78.”

As I was walking up to the store and putting on my mask to enter, I saw a woman who was maybe in her late 30s, wearing yoga pants with a shirt seemingly tucked into them to reveal her very thin waist yet with a somewhat shapely buttocks. I gave her a glance and saw that she had a sense of intensity about her.

I walked in behind her as she waited for the rest of the people who were getting carts, leaving some space between her and them. I was seeking a hand basket, of which I couldn’t find. I looked inside the store near the exit and there weren’t any there also. I had to wonder if they eliminated them completely. Things like this seem to happen nowadays.

They just decide to change things like that. I came back to the main entrance to see if there was another stack somewhere. Here I saw the woman in yoga pants with the cart that she found coming over the table with the sanitizer and paper towels in which to clean the cart for her use. She chose a noisy cart that some to clank from one of the wheels.

Because I was only getting a few things I decided to go without a basket or cart.

I went to the deli meat section. Not the brand name stuff but deli cut from the store. I was going to make a good sandwich. I decided on some Black Forest Ham. That always goes good with Swiss cheese.

I went over to the bakery area to find a roll or bread to make the sandwich. Nothing fit the image I had in mind. I wanted a soft bread, not a hard roll or bread. I decided on a hoagie bun from the regular bread section.

Well, I had everything but, of course, I wanted to wander just to see what’s going on.

I walked down the back side of the store, near the meat department and then heard the clank, clank of a cart coming up one of the aisles and then came forth the woman in yoga pants moving quickly as the cart clanked quickly with each revolution of the wheel that seemed to have some sort of problem in working correctly or quietly.

I came home and made the sandwich, putting some salt and vinegar kettle chips on the plate along side of it. I had never tried salt and vinegar chips before. When I ate the first one it was an explosion of flavor in my mouth. I enjoyed it and ate another.

I also bought a couple of bottle of a juice that I saw on sale. I opened it when I got home to try one out and found it to be a sparkling water type thing, which was a pleasant surprise to the senses when I took a taste of it.

I then sat down the the plate and I poured the flavored sparkling water into a glass. I then turned on to continue a movie I started earlier. “Pleasantville”

It’s funny that I would never have watched many movies before. Last night I watched “The Mask” with Jim Carrey. It was corny and very funny. I enjoyed it.

I had long finished my sandwich, chips and drink as the movie neared the end. It was funny, I have seen this movie before many years ago but today it had a completely new meaning for me. I feel like I have just left a sort of Pleasantville, though it isn’t all that pleasant.

All the news, worry, fear and concerns of the ego, that most people are still living within is much like the current black and white world. It is the normal world. A normal that is complete madness.

I feel like I had been part of the black and white world and now I’m living in a colored world. Very vibrant and vivid.

I liked how they said that the world of the color is within them, all of them and one by one he changed them from black and white into color.

It was so interesting seeing them turn violent to try to protect their black and white world. I think this movie came out in the 1990s but it is very relevant to today. The world today is much like a 50s world of normalcy that is a madness normalcy. One that attacks people for being different in other ways. It’s just crazy.

All in all, it was so interesting and ironic that it seemed to depict exactly what I’m experiencing now, a sense of true freedom from the normalcy of today. Becoming conscious in a world where most people are still unconscious.