Harmonious Navigation

It seems a little gray outside this morning. I haven’t really looked with full intent but this seems to be the color of the sky and the general environment when I look outside. This could be because there are clouds in the sky which seems to be the culprit bringing about his seemingly gray color to the environment outside. The temperature doesn’t seem very uncomfortable, in the low 40s. According to the forecast it will become rather comfortable later, possibly around 60 degrees F.

This morning I was realizing that early in the morning, mostly when I’m still laying in bed enjoying the warmth of the covers over me in contrast to the slightly cooler air outside of the covers, my mind will linger off in thought.

These thoughts don’t seem to be of anything in general. There are images of things that have happened and some commentary on those things. At times it looks to the future and how things could be or might be. It tries to connect things together, such as history with the present.

All the while I simply observe these things as they are passing through the mind, not stopping it but also sort of guiding it from going into places where the narrative becomes destructive or painful in some way. For some reason, the ego likes to cause pain on itself.

Once I get up I am able to be more present and in the moment, though at times with brief interludes of thought. This got me wondering about thought in general.

I watched a video on simple living. In this video he talked about how things are not so much a bad thing. It’s all in how you relate to those things. One can have something and simply enjoy the beauty of that thing. The construction and care that might have gone into forming the thing. If the thing ceased to exist in their life it wouldn’t cause any bad feelings. It would simply be gone with no connection to it.

In most cases, things cause people to become attached to them. The ego also uses things to increase it’s imaginary stature and status. This is when things might not be as beneficial to living a conscious life of awareness.

I placed this concept then upon thought. In a way, thought being the same things as things, simply ego expressing things into a sense of form.

I sat looking at videos on YouTube, not opening them but simply reading the headlines. I thought, “It’s interesting what others find to be significant.”

I look at the news headlines and it is nothing more than ego being expressed in everything. Even the person presenting it is seeking to increase the stature of their ego. The conflicts of those within the videos all trying to be right and prove the others wrong, all in order to increase the imaginary stature of their ego.

Yes, I am thinking when I do this but it’s more an observational thinking. I still enjoy viewing things about history.

It is interesting that I seemed to have found the direct correlation between the orgins of humanity and the beings who brought humanity their conscious awareness and today.

Those who gave humanity conscious awareness through genetic alteration of their being and then taught humanity “civilization,” are all ego based. Even their desire to be the “gods” of humanity is purely ego based.

They are constantly in conflict with each other, always trying to outdo and be more powerful than the others of their species. This is the main narrative of their story given through the ancient texts.

They then gave humanity their version of “civilization” and voila, humanity becomes the image of their creators.

It’s really as simple as this. Even the creators of humanity are not consciously aware, though they have become adept at manipulating consciousness. Just like their children, they are masters at manipulating and deception in order to gain greater stature and status for their own egos.

It is interesting how I took the news when I came upon this. I wasn’t angry with them or judgemental of them. I simply understood the direct corrolation and all other “conspiricies” seemed to fall by the wayside. Yes, those things might be true but they are all interconnected with the root of the issue, the fact that they will do anything they can in order to enhance and expand their own egos, even kill others to do so.

My thought at this point was, “Hmm, that makes sense.” and from there I simply moved on.

I enjoy being able to watch a video on history while being in the present. I simply enjoy the narrative, not seeking to prove or disprove it but just enjoying the story. Later I might come upon a similar narrative that might be a little different from the previous narrative. I simply enjoy the narrative and move on, being aware of the differences but not so much making any conclusion or taking sides.

Through this I’ve learned that it is all as my heart had always taught me. That I’m simply gathering images and then allowing those images to naturally or organically form. Like painting a painting without any force or direct energy toward anything within it. Simply allowing the painting to form as if from somewhere else and simply passing through me.

I have to say, I was really surprised at first how easy all of this has come to me. Yet, looking back at the journey, my heart has been preparing me for this all along. All I needed was to just walk into it. To pass through that final fear that my ego had instilled in my mind. The fear that I would lose something if I walked into the present.

I don’t expect my ego to simply become dissolved in an instant. I see it and understand it. I give it some leash then pull it back in when it tries to go too far. I am conscious of it and that is the very essence of living consciously. Just as my heart had told me about the feminine and how she is out to destroy the masculine but to simply bring it back into harmony with life. This is the same thing without using those terms.

Conscious awareness becomes the feminine and the ego is the masculine who is running amok in the world today. It is simply about bringing ego into harmony or to give it it’s true identity, which is not the ruler of our lives but merely a tool that is used during this temporary physical life being that the ego only exists in this temporary physical life.

Therefore thought and the go is not to be negated but simply brought into harmony. It is not the ruler and therefore the one that is solely focused upon in this life. It is merely a tool for navigating this life, much like a sextant was once used to naviagate the great oceans.

You don’t rely solely upon it but you do use it find a sense of direction in relation to where you are desiring to go.

What I find interesting about being in the present is that, in most cases, one might use the sextant with other images in their mind. They see the lands for which the sextant is guiding them too while they are using the sextant. In doing so, they are missing out on the deep present moment of actually using the sexant. The feel of the metal in the hands, adjusting it and directing it. The beauty of that moment of simply using it without images of the future to where it might take you.

It is not about negating the physical life. It’s all about how you interact with the physical life and in how you connect with it. It becomes nothing more that living in an eternal present moment within the temporary physical existence. Experiencing each present moment as it passes without any real sense of time within it.

No past or future desires, yet planning and guiding the mind or sextant, to direct it toward things but always remaining in the present even when planning. Enjoying the present moment of the planning itself, rather than allowing the mind to be focused on the possibly outcomes of the planning while planning, thus causing you to miss out on the present moment of the planning and all that is within that present moment. The only moment that actually exists as the future and past are nothing more than narratives of thought that don’t exist.

Well, it does make life much more interesting and enjoyable. Mostly, it makes life much more peaceful and even, within all the seeming chaos that abounds and surrounds, much more harmonious within.