Observing Life

It’s a warm, sunny day. The sky is blue and the air feels comfortable. A day for opening up the windows and doors and getting some air inside. It seems the weekend will be the same so I might be getting out and riding my bike or something this weekend.

This morning I woke a little out of sorts. I woke with my mind thinking about this and that. Going on and on. Though I didn’t notice it at first, I was actually observing my mind running through these thoughts. They weren’t necessarily negative thoughts. It was just thinking about things as it has always done.

At times it would go out into something negative and I would pull it back. What was interesting was when it would come to a question and ask that question I would reply, “Stop thinking.” even if it had nothing to do with the question.

It would just ignore the question and continue on thinking. I really wanted it to stop thinking but I didn’t know how to make it stop thinking. It was sort of keeping me out of the moment.

Yet, something I saw on a video by the author of the book I spoke about yesterday, came into play. A woman asked a question about how to stop the ego when it is thinking ego things. Such as when she sees a person and the ego strives to make her feel superior to that person. It was interesting how she was then thinking that she wasn’t a good person because her mind was thinking such things.

His answer was interesting. He simply pointed out that the initial ego was caused by thinking and her reaction to it was also caused by thinking, the thinking that she wasn’t a good person. He said it is good that she is aware of ego.

He then said to just point out the ego from the first incident and then move on. By doing this over and over again, pointing out the ego then moving on, causes the ego to diminish over time.

So I simply allowed my mind to run on, simply observing it and pointing it out by simply answering it’s questions with “Stop thinking.”

Well later, after I got to work and starting working, the thoughts stopped and I was back in the moment. I also noticed that ego had dimished some in other ways.

What I’ve noticed about this way of life is that emotions are no longer all that important. I’ve seen that emotions themselves are mostly caused by ego. They come up so as to get something we might feel we need. I noticed that most of my feelings of connection to others were through the emotion stream of feeling.

In a way, when staying in the moment, I feel a more objective view of emotions. I no longer say excuse me to people or that I’m sorry in situations where it really isn’t necessary. This has really helped me be much more productive at work simply because I was always striving to not be in the way of customers as I was doing my work. I would go out of my way to be courteous to them. Maybe overly courteous.

Now I just go about doing my work and strangely, as I view them, all I see is ego in them. Form is ego. I simply see objects of ego all around me and, just as I do with my own ego, I don’t necessarily give them any attention. If they ask a question then I answer it fully. Other than that, they are more like ego objects that I simply move around as I go through my day. I no longer feel an emotional connection to them.

Yet this doesn’t mean that I don’t feel a sense of service to them. Even this has changed though. Just as I don’t serve my own ego, I no longer serve their egos. When I do serve them, I’m serving their true self, even though they may be unconscious of their own true self.

All of this has really made life interesting to live. And I can truly say, it’s made life much more peaceful to live.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t any conflicts. They come up but I’ve noticed that I don’t necessarily react to them as I once did.

I had an interesting situation come up today. Again, I was simply the observer of the situation, though ego might have caused the situation.

I came up to another coworker who was putting something on the shelf and knocked some things over. I came up, just kidding saying, “Making a mess are ya?”

I immediately felt her ego come to life. She said, “I’m just trying to help. I can just leave it all in the cart.”

It was interesting that all I heard was her reaction but I didn’t feel the energy within it. Later she came back, I could see that she might have felt she overreacted and was trying to make amends without causing her ego to feel deflated.

I was moving some things around and she said, “Making a mess are ya?” I simply responded, “Darn right. Making messes is the funnest part.”

“Yes, it is.” she said and walked on. From that point forward I could tell that there was a different relationship between us. I could tell that her ego was making her feel a little uncomfortable around me because she felt she overreacted in the first situation and this caused her to maybe think that I was offended or something.

I was thinking nothing of it other than observing all of this happening.

I could then see why it is ego in me who is always saying that I’m sorry or excuse me to people as I might move in front of them or around them to do my job. I was afraid of offending them and this was based on my ego who didn’t want to have someone come into conflict with me so as to make my ego feel deflated in some way. To cause me pain by hurting my ego.

Wow! What an entirely new world this has opened and it is amazing that I can find a video on most any situation that I might come upon that he has made.

I also find it interesting that he does large groups like with businesses and corporations. Very rich people come to listen to him. I’m sure he is paid well for doing so.

I watched a video where he talked about going to one of these seminars. From the beginning he was sort of mocking it in a way. He said that in these seminars they bring all sort of great business people and motivational speakers then like to end with a spiritual speaker.

I find it interesting that these people are seeking his guidance yet they are mainly based on ego. They are seeking this sort of awareness to make them better at business.

Yet, he himself states that it’s not about making money or being successful, these are all things of the ego. By simply living in the moment, all things then have the openness of coming to you. The things you need, which might be help with something or guidance in some way, will simply come by not feeling any lacking in your life.

Well, my heart has been teaching this to me from the beginning but this man has helped me to see how it truly works. How to truly put this manifestion into action.

It is all very fascinating. I guess he is able to go to these great seminars, make some money then he comes back and gives us, the awakened and those on the brink of awakening, his teachings for free.

Well, I can see that it is all coming about in a very natural way. I don’t have to put much effort into it. It seems to be just what I needed at this time. To fully become awake and aware. To become awareness. It’s still a process that comes from simply maintaining awareness. The rest of the process just seems to happen as if it blooms from within in a natural and very graceful way.