To Save Humanity

The sun is shining and the warmer temperatures are starting to come in, though they are not here yet. Tomorrow it seems they will start to really come in. Though only temporarily as it is that time of year. The forecast next week says the temperature will come back down but not as cold as it has been.

I will simply enjoy the warmer temperatures this week.

Today was an interesting day. After having basically spent the weekend with people on YouTube who are passionately trying to save humanity or to simply make life better for humanity.

Then I went out into the world to see people who really don’t care what those people are doing. They don’t seem to think that anyone needs saving, not even themselves. They are happy just going about business as usual, driving their cars around, talking with their friends on their phone, shopping and buying things that they don’t really need.

I thought of what these people on YouTube are doing and what they are hoping for. They hope that by expressing what they are expressing that they will inform more and more people of what is going on and that those people will change somehow. Maybe even form a civil type army that will stand up against all the injustices.

Yes, this might be true but…the one common thing I see with them all is that they always say at the beginning and end of each video, “Please like and subscribe. It really helps. And if you can, please donate at Patreon so I can continue do bring you this information.”

They have made it their livelihood to do this and they believe that they should be paid for what they are doing, even if what they are doing, which overall is good and beautiful, isn’t doing a single thing to save or help humanity. In fact, it is simply agitating the powers that be and will only cause greater suffering for those who do stand up.

Whatever motivates them to do these things, the important thing is that they are expressing their hearts. Now one wants to simply lay down and not fight for what they believe is right.

I’ve watched several videos from Edward Snowden. I truly believe that he believes that what he did was the right thing. He is asking people to always stand up to do the right thing, not the legal thing. Yes, this makes sense, as the majority of laws are meant to protect the establishment not the people. The police aren’t there to serve and protect the people. They are there to protect the establishment and all that it stands for.

The establishment are basically the people I described at the beginning of this post. They don’t believe anything is wrong as long as nothing is wrong in their neighborhood. Sure, they know there are problems in the world but if those problems don’t encroach on them then they are not their problems.

I saw on a video that the majority of the world’s population makes less than $2.25 an hour. To be honest, I’ve seen poverty but I’ve never seen poverty like that, yet supposedly the majority of the world lives in such poverty. I can see why they would want to come to the US.

I see how the people in Haiti have been severly abused by the US government as the US instills leader after leader in Haiti who do nothing else but take away all human rights from the people there and make them continue to live in poverty. When good leader comes up, there is a coup and then they put in another puppet leader.

I can’t say I understand why this is so important to the US. Haiti is just a little island. But it seems important to them.

They do this around the world. Here in the US, the people are completely unaware of these things, only buying the things that these people who are living in poverty around the world, are producing very cheaply for them to buy.

I though of how all the large corporations are all seeking to gain as much money as possible. I see Elon Musk striving to get into space with reliable crafts. I see money being hoarded by the 1% in every sector. They are buying up land everywhere so they can control the farming.

Based on these simply observations, I can only speculate that their motive is that they know what is coming and they believe that they can somehow survive it all. Maybe they are planning what some in Australia believe to be “biological warfare.” Some people are protesting against the vaccine saying that it is an experiment in biological warfare.

Well, it is common knowledge that for humanity to survive the population has to be reduced. Yet, I saw a story today about how the population of the US is actually going down. Less people are having children. They are concerned about this because this will affect future economic growth. They believe it is because more Millenials are not having children because they can’t afford it and because they believe that having more children is detrimental to the world’s environment.

They say that if the trend continues then the world’s population at the end of the century won’t be higher but will be about the same as it is today.

Yet, of course, this is relating it only to those countries that are developed. Most of the popuation of the world comes from those in impoverished countries.

So the 1% could be either planning mass genicide of the peoples of the world, or they know of the great catclysm that is come and they are, in a sense, building an ark. Somehow believing that they can somehow survive what is to come.

Well, if they do survive, I’m sure it won’t be any Utopia. In fact, it could be the hell that they deserve. All of the previous infrastructure would be destroyed. They wouldn’t just be able to come out of a hole after a year or two, start up a generator and everything will start functioning again.

It would be the same if they were able to go to Mars. It wouldn’t be a cakewalk living their either.

But for some reason they might believe that they are the ones who have to survive so as to continue humanity.

The irony of this is that, yes, maybe they are. Yes, all that they did in this world, all the pain and suffering that they inflicted upon the people during this life, all that they took and stole from others to gain their great wealth, all the destruction to the Earth in order to gain their wealth. Their drive not for wealth but for power and control.

Sure, they deserve to live in hell and maybe this is the hell that most ancient texts describe, using various different terms, is for those who are selfish, self serving and ethically corrupt.

The irony of it all is, yes, they would be the survivors that continue humanity and thus, after centuries, even millennia, wandering the Earth like “cavemen” they will one day again build up a great civilization and do it all over again.

Well, maybe their friends from another planet will help them. The ones eho declared themselves the “gods” of humanity. The ones who started it all for humanity and got humanity to this point in the first place. Yet they too have their own problems and when this universal cycle comes into play, they too will be affected by it.

So really, I think my heart has it right. There is nothing I can do to help save humanity. Being who I am, how much I care about others, this was the one rule that she had to pound into my head over and over and over again throughout the previous journey.

All that I do, such as not buying things that I don’t need and riding my bike instead of a car. All of these things are not done to save humanity. I do them simply out of respect for life and the universe. I do these things out of love for life, all life. I do these things for me, to “save” myself.

You see, I will leave this life with not only a clear conscience, but also a clear and open heart. I will have lived my life, or the rest of my life, being the expression that the universe intended me to be. The very reason for our existence. I will be able to expand my heart and, by doing so, offer fruit to the universe.

This is why Jesus said: “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”