The Times They Are A Changin’

It’s another cold day with a few snow flakes falling outside but not many. I was looking at the forecast for the week and it seems there is a great change coming. It seems Spring is showing her face with temperatures climbing upwards of 60 degrees F. This will be an interesting change and I know that Spring also causes a change in myself. A cyclical change.

Speaking of cyclical changes. For some reason I have come across some of the most interesting videos on YouTube. I came across one put out my After Skool, which I enjoy their work, about sacred numbers. It was considerably longer than their usual ten or so minutes videos as it ran over two hours.

I’m not going to say that I get all of what this Randall Carlson went over in this video as numbers equal mathematics and math is not my friend. But, just as I do with physics, once these things are interpreted into words then I can take what is offered and allow my mind to take them into other places.

I can see the interesting corrolation of the numbers and the fact that they relate to so many things that it isn’t simply coincidence. That it is based really on a relatively small amount of numbers which all things seem to add up to on the Earth and in the Earth’s relationship to the universe.

What I found interesting about this was that I wasn’t really learning anything because my heart had already gone over all of this in my previous journey. What was interesting was that now I’m seeing that this awakening to the true reality is happening everyone. The interesting thing is that it is only happening to a relatively few people.

He was pointing out that humans still view themselves based on a small history given to them, unaware of the broader history that this theirs also that goes beyond this documented history that defines them right now.

He said that the earliest human remains recorded was from about 180,000 years ago. This coincides with the timeframe that my heart gave to me about human history.

He spoke of the cyclical cataclysms that have happened since then. He used the example of Hurricane Katrina and then said that these cataclysm would have been a magnitude of 3 higher than Kartrina. Meaning, in modern terms, they would take out 1000 cities. Decimate them. Yet there they were, all happening in accordance the sacred numbers as they relate to the cycles of the Earth in relation to universe all documented in the calendars of various ancient civilizations which are still functioning calendars today.

What I found interesting was the cycles based on I think it was the Vedic cycles. I can’t remember exactly. It says that we are currently in the dark age of ignorance but are moving into a different age. These ages often last about 6800 years.

So basically, this entire age of documented human history that humans rely onto today as being their heritage and perspective has happened during a dark age of ignorance and blindness. I found that interesting.

Another thing I found interesting is Russell Brand. I never liked Russell Brand in the past. Maybe it was during his junkie period. He was just too…too… well, he was just an ass.

Now he seems to have found his own form of spirituality. He seems to be at general ease with himself and he has some very good ideas, mostly based on how humanity could form a true democracy.

Of course, most of you might not have read the blog I had over a year and and half ago where my journey took me to the isle of Democracy and there I learned that humanity in their current state of being are unable to embrace true democracy.

Yet, here is Russell Brand, as if awakened himself, talking about it so clearly, just as I saw it back then on my journey. Talking about how we would need to be in smaller groups. How we would have to work together with the other groups, even though we might disagree. That there would have to be a sort of universal governace that is more a moral or ethical set of values that is greater than humans are now to make it so that each group worked with the other, always protecting the Democracy or freedom of each group who then protected the freedoms of each individual.

Well, just like I learned at the end of “Planet of the Humans,” it’s simply not possible for humans in there current state of being to control themselves and it is certainly not possible for them to connect to this higher stream of consciousness that, in a sense but not literally in his words, is the universal stream of consciousness to govern over the Democracy of humanity.

Truth is, I don’t think Russell spoke at all of a higher governance. He just spoke of the smaller groups working together in some way. I think it was I who just added the fact here that a higher governance would need to be involved to make it happen. My heart has a way of sneaking things into my writings like.

As for back here on the homefront. The medication I took the night before last that knocked me out cold, well, there must have been other influences involved, maybe such as having worked a hard day at work, because it relaxed me last night and even put me to sleep but not for the long time that it did before. I woke up around 1am and had a cup of kava to go back to sleep and finish a nice night of sleep.

As I long as I keep them somewhat separate, I think using both kava and this medication works well. Kava is better in the day and this medication at night. It also reduces the amount that use kava, which is nice because kava has become so expensive.

All in all it ended up a good quality night of sleep. Not waking to any anxiety. I can feel it at times during the day but I know that’s because I really need to be out and about among people but right now it isn’t a perfect time being it’s cold and there is a virus out there. I’m sure as the warmer weather comes in that it will begin to open up more and more opportunities for me to be out and about, even if it’s just out riding my bike.

I do need to do some maintenance on my bike. I’ve never ridden it as much as I have lately and through rain and snow storms. Again, once it’s warmer it might spur me to do this also, and clean it up a little.

I watched a video that supposedly debunked Michael Moore’s movie “Planet of the Humans.” I’ve noticed the green people are quite upset over it. I could see some of their points. The fact that some of the footage might have been taken over 10 years ago and technology has changed since then.

Yet, they were still justifying the fact that to make these things, such as solar panels, it requires a great deal of fossil fuels to produce them and also rare elements and other things that have to be mined.

They seem to believe that this is the way it has to happen in the beginning but then green energy will one day take over where the fossil fuels now need to be used. Yet, they are still destroying the environment to obtain these elements needed for solar panels.

The talked about how solar is evolving as they are learning new ways to make better batteries to back up the systems, to they don’t have to use other fuels during times of darkness and cloudy days. They talked about large areas of batteries that will hold all of this energy. Of course, these batteries take elements to make them and they don’t last forever. Parts of them can be recycled but parts of them will need to be discarded.

It’s nice to think that maybe when all of this happens that humans will discard of these things responsibly. But if history is a guide, money and time will become a problem and they would just throw them about willy nilly anywhere they can just to get on with life.

Basically, these people missed the true point of the movie “Planet of the Humans.” Humans need to change completely. Joining this in with Russell Brand, humans need to change their form of governance completely. They need to change they way they live. They need to change their priorities. They need to live more simply, not having to fill their homes with useless things. They need to not live for status and needing to feel better than others. They need to live without the desire to hoard things, such as money, to fill the void within them.

Basically, humans need to connect to the universal consciousness so as to be provided with that they truly need, love. Thus they would live lives of love, giving and receiving, each individual getting what they need and giving any excess to others who might not have enough. When those people later might have excess, they do the same. On and on, giving and receiving, living to constantly complete the cycle of love.

It all seems so simply but first there must be a major cataclysm to bring in the next age, as has happened over and over in the past. Upwards of 20 or more times just during the true history of humanity. Humanity has been through a lot in it’s relative short period of existence in relation to the Earth herself in her 4.5 billion year time of existence so far.

Well, this is just the facts. It is how nature works. Nature is the universe and the universe works in cycles. Love is a cycle. If we live within the cycle of love it attunes us to the frequency of the universe, thus we become awakened. I’ve noticed that all of those awakened people I’ve seen so far, though they might not literally say it, love is their guide.

They care about humanity and seek to bring greater harmony and balance to humanity. They don’t seem to know how it will happen but, just like me, they are describing this greater understanding that has seemed to just come upon them. So, just like me, they express it. Well, this simply reflects that the frequency of Earth is changing. We are entering a change of ages. No. It doesn’t look good for humans. Y

es, humans have survived other changes in their short history. They simply become different and it might very well be the process of their evolution of consciousness. Each age a step higher in their own process of understanding their own consciousness.

Well, it is all so interesting and I’m enjoying it all. Mostly just seeing all of this confirming all that my heart has shown me. This is very powerful for me and also makes it so I really don’t feel alone and isolated in some way. That all of this isn’t somehow all on my shoulders. My heart has told me this all along but now she seems to be showing me this literally. Seeing it with my own eyes helps me greatly and might even allow me to open up even further in understand the true power that is within me.