Make Way for Spring

It seems the storm has passed and now we must only endure one more cold night before the warm up begins this week.

I did spend some time out and about today, which I believe helped me to enjoy the day more. Even though it was cold with some on again off again snow flurries, I got out on my bike and even took a walk, spending about 3 hours out and about.

I haven’t had any desire for kava or anything else today and I even took care of the laundry for the week.

I did all of this earlier in the day so I spent the afternoon watching videos on YouTube. I came across a short movie entitled “Gaia.”

It was produced and directed by women. In fact, in the closing credits I saw that it was done entirely by women.

It took 3 years to make and about $500,000.

It is a non-narrative, no dialog movie. The music was composed by the director of the movie.

It is a truly beautifuly work of art that not only expresses the beauty of the natural Earth but also of humanity. They went to countries where there is great political unrest and conflict but instead chose to express the beauty of the people there. Their smiles and celebrations of life.

By doing this, leaving out the contrast of the conflict in those countries, didn’t make it at all unreal. In fact, it seemed to depict just how beautiful humanity would be if they didn’t have all of that conflict of ego in their lives.

I don’t believe they were being intentionally non-inclusive in the fact that it mainly expresses the Western Hemisphere, other than a visit to Jerusalem.

I believe it was because of financing that they didn’t go elsewhere. I believe they are out of Canada. This made the broad scope of the title “Gaia” a little limited. I would love to see their artistry done in places like India, Pakistan, Africa, Europe and various other places in the East and Middle East. But I’m sure it had to do with financing it. This would have probably made the budget expand to well over a millions dollars.

Taking away that desire from the movie and not seeing this lacking, the movie left me in awe from the pure artistry that they expressed.

I may not revere women as I once did in the previous journey but I will always revere and adore the feminine and all that she expresses through women. This was a beautiful expression brought forth through the feminine.

I am truly enjoying all that is coming to me to experience now in my life. It is truly very different than it was in the previous journey. What’s truly different is that I can now see a dark hue in the previous journey, as it was very much focused on what is to come for humanity. Now I am able to simply enjoy what is now. Even though I do indulge in the pain of what humanity is now facing through the expressions of others who have become awakened.

I can see through them that through their awakening, just as I did in the beginning, I wanted to go out and save humanity in some way. If not for my heart constantly telling me that I can’t save humanity and I’m not expected to save humanity, I too might be out there as others are, trying to save humanity.

Still, there might be a reason why their hearts aren’t stopping them as it seems through their expression and fight that is within them, they are expressing a powerful energy into the human stream of consciousness. A powerfully feminine energy. I can even see this in Russell Brand’s expression.

I can even see it in Abby Martin who does the “Empire Files” on YouTube. She has always been a woman I have admired, even before the journey when I used to watch her on RT. Now she is on her own expressing her heart fully. She has such courage and conviction. I can’t help but adore her.

Yet, as I see these people out there doing all they can to help humanity, even Kim Iverson, whom I have emailed several times to compiment her expression but am also confused by how these people think that what they are doing is actually going to change anything. This is only because my heart has shown it all to me in a different way.

Such as what I talked about in my previous post. How we the awakened are somewhat confused about being awakened early, before the age has set in, and have this awakened view but really don’t know how to implement it into the reality of the previous age that is still in effect. So we just express it with all of hearts.

Each of these people and many more, doing it in their own ways. So I stopped mentioning this seeming vanity to them and allow them to just go for it. I’ve only done this with Kim and I believe she just ignores me because she truly believes that this reality can be changed. She simply can’t see that you can’t build a new building on top of an old building. First you have to destroy the old building, clean it up, then build the new building.

As I wrote in my previous post, this destruction comes both by the hands of humanity as well as the the cycles of the universe. It all works together naturally. Nothing that is happening now is unnatural nor unexpected to the universe as a whole. In a way, it as all planned this way.

I’m so happy that my heart trained me this way. So I can now just go out and enjoy all the beautiful expressions of others. Enjoy the passion of the awakened as they express the beauty flowing through their hearts in their own ways.

Yes, things have definitely changed for me. This is definitely a different journey now. One that is beginning to become even more beautiful than the one that I was described as being the most beautiful experience I had ever had and sometimes couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful.

Though I knew the universe is infinite, meaning that their is infinite beauty within her.

If you have an hour and fifteen minutes and would like to simply sit back and go for a beautiful ride of artistry, then I highly recommend watching “Gaia.”