The Hills We Climb

It seems we've entered the dog days of Summer. When I look at the forecast there are only symbols of a sun and hot temperatures. No moisture in sight. Of course that could change at any time. Tomorrow I could look at the forecast and see rain clouds in the future. Right now, it's just … Continue reading The Hills We Climb

The Shapes of Life

The day began somewhat early. It's nice to have a full day to work with where yesterday, to make up for the lost sleep during the week I seemed to sleep long and deep. There are two main images in my mind. This coming from about a thousand images offered to me. I see one … Continue reading The Shapes of Life

The Heart’s Flow

One can't help but wonder the truth behind many so called myths and stories that have been passed down throughout human history. I think we have to realize that there were times in human history where there weren't people who were documenting history in a way as they do today, directly and with "facts." Trying … Continue reading The Heart’s Flow

Breaking Through

It's another hot day and another hot ride home from work on my bike. It is such a nice ride going to work because it is cool and there is less traffic. Coming home, especially on Friday, there is so much traffic, even on the side street that I take. Today was a little better … Continue reading Breaking Through

A Day of Fear

The heat is back and it seems it's not going away anytime soon. Mid Summer blues with the heat. I really don't mind it all that much other than the ride home on my bike. I am now able to come home just as fast as going to work, even though it's uphill coming home. … Continue reading A Day of Fear

A Hot Day

Well, that was an interesting day. It is rather hot out there, just about 100 degrees F. I had to ride just under 5 miles home at a gradual incline in business casual clothes. They had us where business casual the first day of work so that we could take our photos. Now we can … Continue reading A Hot Day

Hope’s Dilemma

What is hope? It seems that many people rely on hope to get through each day. They seem to hope for something that might come to make their lives better, more manageable, peaceful, where their lives don't always feel threatened. The list could go on. In some ways, hope is more important to people than … Continue reading Hope’s Dilemma

Reading Again

With all that is going on in the world, I would have to honestly say that I've enjoyed this July 4th. I watched the fireworks in Washington D. C. and in New York City. I sort of watched a couple of movies along with a short marathon of Star Trek The Next Generation. I sort … Continue reading Reading Again