Thoughts About Freedom

I was thinking about how many people always seem to be trying to gain more control over their lives. As I looked it this further, in many cases, they are simply trying to not be controlled by other forces. Such as seeking to gain money. They are doing this to reduce the control of others … Continue reading Thoughts About Freedom

To See A Different Way

Yesterday was a strange day. Maybe it was, in part, because of the super moon. Today the people were still horrid but they were toned down a bit. It was still busy and they were still demanding, but it wasn’t to the chaotic extreme that it was yesterday. Today was interesting and even a little … Continue reading To See A Different Way

Strange Days

It seems to be getting warm all of sudden. I guess it’s time. It’s not all that warm but the mid 60s is pretty warm compared to what it has been lately. I really don’t know what to think about today. I don’t think anyone at work really knows what to think. I went in … Continue reading Strange Days

The Beauty of Silence

Throughout human history there have been many great teachers who have said things like, “The best thing to say is to say nothing at all.” Well, I know this is hard for many people, especially in this loud and obnoxious society that is borderline noxious in their expressions. While enjoying my days off from work … Continue reading The Beauty of Silence

Retracing My Steps

I wish I could describe what is currently happening to me. It started about a week or maybe two weeks ago. It started out very mild and barely noticeable. As the days progressed it became stronger and stronger within me. I noticed a sense of anxiety forming within me but it was very different from … Continue reading Retracing My Steps

The Gift

I didn’t want this. I never did. So many times in my life I have asked, “Why me?” Or, “Just leave me alone.” Yet it has always followed me. Always plagued me. Always nagged me. Always filled me with passion. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to not see the things I see … Continue reading The Gift