Recently I was reading 1 Corinthians from the New Testament in the bible when I came upon something that caught my interest. Paul stated many interesting things but it was something that he admitted to being his opinion but an opinion he felt was inspired by the Lord. It is about marriage. In his statement … Continue reading Distractions

The Nature of God

Again I face the blank page for some reason fearing what I might place upon it in order to fill it up with words. The things I've been seeing lately often seem indescribable but I think it is more the fact that I hesitate trying to describe them. The time and thought it might take … Continue reading The Nature of God

Fear Not

A couple of years ago I remember writing about how the great powers on the Earth will one day soon come into conflict, each for their own intentions while unknowingly fulfilling the intentions of nature and the universe because humans are nature and the universe. This is why there is no reason to be upset … Continue reading Fear Not

Something New

Today the sun is out though it is a bit cooler than yesterday. Yesterday was very windy as a storm was coming through but it only rained for a little while last night and it passed. A whole lot of wind for a very little storm that arrived. Today I’ve decided to take up crochet. … Continue reading Something New

From the Heart

Today it is raining which is melting some of the snow. I’m sure it won’t last through the night before turning back to snow to replace what has melted. But tomorrow it is expected to rain some more. I guess we will see how it all turns out in the end, either just wet or … Continue reading From the Heart