Of Feelings, Thoughts and Words

It's a bit cloudy today. There is a nice wind that has blown out all the smoke. It's nice to be able to see the mountains clearly. It's been a while. It still seem rather warm for being late September and the official first day of Fall, but it's not too bad. This wouldn't be … Continue reading Of Feelings, Thoughts and Words

The War

The weather is nice. The sun is shining. There is some smoke in the sky for us to inhale into our lungs from the fires that are still growing out west. A strong storm seems to be soaking the already soaked southeast or south central states. As for me, I have no idea what to … Continue reading The War

Balance and Harmony

It's another morning in life. A rather quiet morning for myself. I enjoy quiet mornings. The world continues to rush around me but not so much affecting me. Just the sounds of human's going about their busyness in life. The sky is light blue with some lovely wispy, thin clouds throughout yet the horizon reveals … Continue reading Balance and Harmony

The Simple Life

This morning I saw the stars and the moon then later I saw the sun and the smoke returning. I could tell the smoke had returned because I woke up congested. As it increases I will begin to sneeze uncontrollably at times. It's all become the new normal. It seems the people in the Southeast … Continue reading The Simple Life