Observing the Day

It is getting warmer and warmer outside, though still not hot. It’s in the mid 80s F. It does feel good. There’s supposed to be another day in the 80s and then it goes down to the 70s and even as low as the high 60s. It doesn’t seem there will be any more extremely … Continue reading Observing the Day

A Lovely Day

The day is progressing well. The sun is still shining and it has warmed a bit but not hot by any means. It’s my first day off in the week of my new work schedule. I worked the later shift yesterday and usually I would have to work the early shift today. It was nice … Continue reading A Lovely Day

A Complex World

It rained this morning. They said it wasn’t supposed to rain, only cloudy but it rained. Now it’s sunny and cool. I have a feeling this is the end of the cool days. It doesn’t warm up quickly but it doesn’t seem there will be any more storms in the near future to keep down … Continue reading A Complex World

Another Day

It turned out to be a nice day today with sunshine yet still cool. The birds are singing and I’m always amazed at how quickly the leaves come out on the trees. It is different from day to day. Even some bushes that seemed to be waiting to come out, from one day to the … Continue reading Another Day

The Heart of All Life

It’s a cool but sunny morning. It rained yesterday but now the clouds have departed leaving clear skies and sunshine, though the temperature definitely dropped. I’m enjoying it. Last night I went about relaxing after a trying week. The last week where I have to work back to back shifts. Next week I go to … Continue reading The Heart of All Life

The Roles We Play

Today started out sunny and warm. For the first time I didn’t have to wear a jacket of any kind. Of course, I was working a later shift. When I left work it had become cloudy and the wind is blowing, though still warm. Tomorrow is expected to be much cooler, which is reflected in … Continue reading The Roles We Play

Navigating Life

It was somewhat cool early this morning but it has turned out to be rather warm now and expected to get into the 80s F. today. There is beautiful sunshine and a slight breeze. The birds are singing, which I’ve notice they are doing even in the middle of the night right now as it … Continue reading Navigating Life